Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James

Squirreled away in her stationary 31-foot Crossroads fifth wheel, Elizabeth James writes freelance columns for a B.C. community newspaper aswell as  RV Tips and Tricks articles for RVwest

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A couple of Kayakers on Harrison River in British Columbia.
Harrison Hot Springs

Kayaking for RVers—some top paddling locations in British Columbia

Kayaking is one of the most popular pastimes for RVers when they travel through British Columbia. Here are a few of the most highly recommended.

April 2019 by
A rocket being launched near Pasadena, California by NASA

Launch pads propel RVers toward understanding our world and the space beyond

If you like the idea of learning more about space and climate exploration, these free tours are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

April 2019 by
An adobe building in Santa Fe is silhouetted against a brilliant blue sky.
New Mexico

Blue skies above, adobe down below: Everyone’s in love with Santa Fe

There is a boundless quality to the blue skies of Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
January 2019 by
Border crossing.
RV Tips and Tricks

Do your due diligence before crossing the border

Navigating the ever-changing rules of crossing the border seems to get more complicated by the day - do your research. 

October 2018 by
Big Splash Water Slide Park will be reopening in June of 2019. It has something for everyone, from splash rides to sports bars.
Vancouver Coast and Mountains

Tsawwassen, B.C.–Not just a ferry terminal

Tsawwassen, B.C., has some local attractions that just might make you want to miss your ferry.
September 2018 by
An RV is parked at a campsite with a tree next to it in full bloom.
RV Tips and Tricks

Tips for managing an RV park

Learn the pros and cons of RV management and how to avoid the pitfalls.

February 2018 by
Although there can be several contributing causes, the main problem centres on the degree of sway control being delivered - or not - by the hitch.
RV Tips and Tricks

Trailer sway: Hitching your star to a guaranteed controller

What is trailer sway and how can it be prevented?

September 2017 by
Yeh! Mama RV resort.
RV Tips and Tricks

RVs and motorhomes—our emergency homes away from home

So far this summer, over 42,000 evacuees have put pets and belongings into a vehicle and headed away from Interior wildfires in favour of evacuation centres in safer B.C. communities. 

July 2017 by
A cartoon RV repairman standing in front of a picture of fifth wheel
RV Tips and Tricks

The life of an RV repairman

From hapless mice to heading off urgent plumbing problems, there's never a dull day for mobile RV repairman Eric Solberg. 

April 2017 by
A couple is sitting and using a laptop.
RV Gear Guide

Electricity hiccups—suppressing the surge

More travellers are carrying sensitive electronic equipment in their RVs and should know how to protect that equipment from destructive power surges.

March 2017 by
Catching the rays alongside an RV's portable solar system.
RV Tips and Tricks

Self-sufficient on solar—navigating the world of RV solar kits

The ins and outs of choosing and installing a solar power kit for your RV. 

March 2017 by
Row of Class C motorhomes.
RV Tips and Tricks

Renting an RV—which RV model is best for you?

Choosing the right model of RV to rent is a crucial step when planning the ultimate road trip. 

February 2017 by
Did you know there are different towing regulations depending on which province or state you are driving through?
RV Tips and Tricks

Know before you tow—regulations for towing your RV in Canada and the U.S.

Are you up to speed on towing regulations covering the tow vehicle and hitch equipment? Here are a few tips that cover the different regulations in Canada and the U.S.

November 2016 by
It's important to keep vents clear, clean and free of debris.
RV Tips and Tricks

Propane blast: A wake-up call you’d rather not have

Properly maintained and respected, propane is an efficient, affordable source of power for RVers and those who enjoy summertime barbeques. Mishandled, however, the gas can cause serious injuries and damage to both the user and their neighbours.

October 2016 by
Students enjoy a balmy day on the Capilano University campus in North Vancouver.
RV News

Affordable housing - Could RV living be part of the solution?

Many Canadian RV parks operate on a seasonal basis, closing down from October to May. Although urban parks remain open year-round in British Columbia’s more temperate climate, they rely on slim revenues from full-timers to offset operating costs.

September 2016 by
The 14th hold at Northlands Golf Course.
RV Tips and Tricks

Keep calm and play through!

For RVers who have persuaded their significant others that golfing is an essential part of a good vacation, Vancouver’s North Shore communities offer golf courses to suit all skill levels.

August 2016 by
Avery Struck, in a green polo shirt and navy shorts, follows the flight of the ball at the Russellville Country Club.
RV News

Avery Struck is back in the game

"The game of golf is closest to the game of life. You get bad breaks from good shots and good breaks from bad shots. You have to play the ball where it lies."—Champion amateur golfer Robert Tyre (Bobby) Jones Jr. (1902-1971)

June 2016 by
Tourists standing on the porch of the yurt lookout at Grouse Mountain

Grizzly bears: A wild kingdom on Vancouver’s North Shore

RVers, especially those with young people on board, often discover the most enjoyable activities are those involving visits to animal sanctuaries or the up-close viewing of the wildlife unique to Western Canada’s natural playgrounds. 

June 2016 by
A Crossroads no-tow RV
RVwest Insider

RV insurance, maintenance and repair—it’s OK to ask for help

No matter where full-timers park their towable RVs, comprehensive home insurance coverage and a totally reliable, experienced mobile repairman—or gal—are must-haves before problems occur.

May 2016 by
A CanDream rental motorhome with a slideout parked at a campground.
RV Tips and Tricks

Renting an RV—Know before you go

All signs point to 2016 as being a banner year for tourism in Canada, especially in British Columbia. If you are planning to rent an RV for your travels, find out all you can about the options and book early to avoid disappointment.

May 2016 by