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Fire safety and prevention

With the heat wave of summer, BC Wildfire Management says extra precautions need to be taken in keeping campfires safe and regulated.

RVwest features

An RV parked at Fairmont RV park, with a view of the mountains in the background.

RV rally at Fairmont Hot Springs

There is still time to register for the 10th annual RV Rally at Fairmont Hot Springs, hosted by RVwest and Rec-Vee Holiday Adventures.

July 2014 » by Kimberly Schoenberger
A man sitting on a wooden deck chair on the beach.  He has a laptop on his knees and is talking on a cell phone.

Finding the best cellphone plans

Keeping in touch is important for snowbirds. Here's how to choose a cellphone plan that will work for your travels.

July 2014 » by
The cover of

Up the Lake

Tales of adventure and misadventure abound in Up the Lake, the first in the series detailing an American couple’s move to a coastal B.C. float cabin.

July 2014 » by
The bright yellow flowers of the Canadian Goldenrod.

Hiking up to Canada’s most accessible alpine wildflowers

Vibrant wildflowers abound at Sun Peaks Resort in central British Columbia

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Keeping it clean

Clean out even the smallest spaces with Dirt Devil's new central vacuum system.

RVwest destinations

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial park

Enjoy the parks in Bridal Falls

Check out Bridal Falls on the edge of Chilliwack and get a discount at the local water park.

July 2014 » by Kimberly Schoenberger
A converted grain elelvator at NAR Park in Dawson Creek holds the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.

Something for everyone at Dawson Creek

Whether you want to explore or relax, Dawson Creek is the perfect stop with an art gallery, historic tours, or lakes and paths to discover.

July 2014 » by

All Our Parks opens a new resort in Yuma, Arizona

With Carefree Village Resort scheduled to open in November 2014, All Our Parks is offering special rates for those who reserve sites in advance.

July 2014 » by Kimberly Schoenberger

Take a three-day canoe trip down the Milk River

This exciting journey is perfectly balanced with relaxing stopping points where paddlers can enjoy the scenery.

July 2014 » by Kimberly Schoenberger

Play hard and chill out in Fort St. John

Play hard in the waters of Charlie Lake before relaxing with a movie in the park.

July 2014 » by Kimberly Schoenberger
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RV travelling on the road

RV Living

Safe driving practices for RVers

Whether you're heading out for a family vacation or snowbirding with your partner this winter, here are some valuable points to keep in mind next time you’re on the road.

Grey Heat Holder socks in their package.

RV Gear Guide

The ultimate solution for cold feet

Heat Holders are something that should be on your must-bring list for your camping trips, to have on hand for chilly nights or cold days.