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François Guite standing next to his Spyder that brought him from Quebec to Vancouver

From Quebec to Vancouver–on a Spyder?

Not an RV and not exactly a motorcycle or an ATV–the only thing it can possibly be is a three-wheeled Spyder.

RVwest features

A picture looking down the main street of Revelstoke with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

B.C. invests $1.82 million to support tourism in seven Kootenay communities

The Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) helps to enhance and improve the tourism sector in local B.C. communities.

August 2015 » by Keith Powell
Picture of the entrance of 'Old Town' in San Diego.

Visit San Diego’s charming Old Town

Old Town is right in the heart of San Diego and is often called the birthplace of California. 

August 2015 » by
Truck pulling a trailer parked at a pristine, clear lake.

Want to camp for the long weekend but don’t know where to go?

Finding a camping spot at the last minute for the long weekend can be a challenge but there are still some campgrounds available.

July 2015 » by
Cover of Speak Quebec!

Learn to speak Quebec

Speak Quebec is a practical handbook for understanding the day-to-day French spoken in Quebec. 

July 2015 » by Kimberly Shellborn
A tube of Snap-Stick

Say goodbye to sticky zippers and snaps

 A quick dab of Snap-Stick will have your zippers, snaps, hinges and locks working like new again. 

RVwest destinations

A restaurant in Old Town San Diego.

Visit San Diego’s charming Old Town

Old Town San Diego is a California State Historic Park where visitors can stroll back to the 1850s.

August 2015 » by
The mountain peaks in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge overlook the historic mining city of Castle Dome.

Castle Dome Mines Museum is a fascinating day trip from Yuma

The Castle Dome Mines Museum is a stimulating lesson in mining life in the 1860s, complete with an authentic mining town and walking trails

August 2015 » by Jena Jones
Picture of person sitting on dock

A place for wildlife adventure, a haunted lake and the world’s largest tree crusher

A birder's paradise steeped in history where you can catch big trout fish, rub elbows with Sir Alexander Mackenzie and pose with a very big, extremely heavy “crusher”

July 2015 » by Nowell Berg
Campers parked by the river looking out toward the SkyTrail Bridge.

History is part of the landscape in Outlook

From the SkyTrail Bridge to the Gardiner Dam, visitors can learn about the history that made Outlook the verdant river town it is today.

July 2015 » by
The Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise, ID, Mark Hillary photo/Flickr Creative Commons

Not your average heritage tour

Take a tour through the past, and visit some of Idaho’s top historic sites.

July 2015 » by

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A young man walking through a park pulling a red TravelQ grill with him.

Share your Travels and Win

This is an opportunity for you to share your RVing photos and win a prize.

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people sitting on lawn chairs beside RVs

Snowbirding 101

The ins and outs of RV clubs

There are many types of clubs for RVers—here are some of the most prominent ones.

A Cubic Mini Wood Stove.

RV Gear Guide

A hot idea

 A Cubic Mini Wood Stove is your lightweight and cost-effective solution to stay warm