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Photo of a winter scene from inside the home.

Is your house safe while you’re away?

Snowbirds must make preparations for leaving a house vacant.

RVwest features

1000's of sandhill cranes at the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area.

Feathered attraction

The sandhill cranes have loud, trumpeting calls that are hauntingly beautiful.

October 2014 » by Virginia Rasch
Aerial view of Winchester Bay RV Resort, Oregon

And the winners are

Winning a free stay at Winchester Bay RV Resort lured John and Anne Godsman from Alberta to the Oregon coast.

October 2014 » by
Two bottles of rubber roof cleaner and two bottles of slide out seal.

Accessories for your RV

RVers can find numerous practical gadgets, products and accessories for their RVs.

October 2014 » by
A close up photo of fried rice.

Easy Fried Rice

Keep it simple.  Here is a tasty, nutritious, no-fuss recipe. 

October 2014 » by Kimberly Shellborn
3 Piece Collapsible Meal Kit with Lunch Box, Cup and Cutlery.

Smart kitchenware for the road

Compact and space saving kitchenware designed for travellers.

RVwest destinations

Boundless activities and community

There are plenty of reasons why the Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort is so well liked with the RV crowd.

October 2014 » by
A scenic landscape in Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

Discover Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

An easy day trip that is located right in a popular RV region, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is a picturesque find that only a few take time to discover.

October 2014 » by
A photo of the Valley of Fire State Park sign with a red mountain in the background.

Enjoy the natural wonders of Nevada

 Just a short drive from either Mesquite or Pahrump, Nevada, are some unique, heart-of-the-desert destinations.

October 2014 » by
Out on the water at sunset with Bowen Island Sea Kayaking.

Vancouver Coast and Mountains – breath-taking scenery, a playground for all

Vancouverites boast they can ski in the morning, swim in the afternoon and dine by candlelight in the evening; so for RVers who travel to the Vancouver Coast and Mountains, activities and memories await.

October 2014 » by Elizabeth James
One of the largest prehistoric structures ever built in North America, the purpose of the

Day trip to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Visit one of the largest prehistoric structures ever built in North America, just 48 miles from Mesa, Arizona.

September 2014 » by Karen Kornelsen
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RV park

RV Living

Choosing your type of RV

Each RVer, I am sure, researched their RV prior to purchasing—how they will use their RV will affect the size, style and type they will buy.

RV Gear Guide

Roadtrek introduces its new Ranger RT

By excluding propane, the van’s systems are greatly simplified for easier operation and less maintenance.