yellow boler with lawn chairs in front
Vintage RV

Meet Free Range, the restored 1971 Boler

This once forlorn Boler has been brought back to life by an enthusiastic Alberta couple

fruit at a market stand
Thompson Okanagan

Top farmers markets in the Okanagan

Stock up on fresh produce and artisan creations at these Okanagan farmers markets.

Office at Arizona West RV Park.
RVwest Insider

Six Arizona RV parks are being upgraded with more than $3 million in improvements

Today's RV enthusiasts want to stay in well managed parks that offer high quality amenities

cellphone attached on the dashboard of a vehicle
RV Gear Guide

Stay connected with weBoost signal boosters

Maintain a strong internet connection no matter where your travels take you.


Adventure bound in Gatlinburg,Tennessee

"We always as a family used to go camping in Ocala National Forest when we were younger. I loved it so much but we were family of seven people in one large tent plus a kitchen tent. We always had so much fun going to local theme parks as well as fishing on the lake close to the property that we camped on. One trip it had rained so bad and for so long that my dad made us pack up when the rain broke (which wasn't much of a break) and leave. Well the next year my dad had purchased a pop up trailer; for a family of seven. Well I can't begin to tell you all the problems that took place on that trip. Needless to say it was much worse than the rainy day in the tent. My father wasn't much of a camper, but thank the lord for my mom. Even though it was rough she always managed to keep it all together for the whole family. All her young life she was in girl scouts right up to the day she went to college and during the summer was a camp counselor in a camp in Ocala, Florida. I am her son Mark Mincey and I'm on disability and had managed to save back enough money to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to have a camping trip with my mom. I always remembered how much fun she made every camping trip. I just wanted to have one more time with my mom and try to regain those moments we shared as a family but just the two of us. My mom is my life and my family now is scattered. I would like to when this contest so I can have as many moments with my mom as I possibly can. If you ever had the chance to meet her you'd see why. The lady standing in front of the pumpkin is my mom. I'm not very good on computers and I've tried to submit photos of my RV and other pictures of my trip with her but it's not going well so I just chose the one of my mom in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Thank you."

Halifax, Nova Scotia | Halifax RV Show & Sale

Come to the largest multi-line indoor RV event in Atlantic Canada.

RV travelling down the road
RV tips

How to move using an RV and travel the country (by someone who did it)

Handy tips for cross-country RV travel, speaking from firsthand experience,

by Casey Bond
Jeremiah Woods standing in front of row of VW vans.

Vintage VW lovers will appreciate this groovy Golden, B.C. campground

Jeremiah Woods is the owner of a large fleet of VW vehicles and now he’s created a campground in Golden, B.C., to share his love of the iconic brand 

by Julie Matchett
Fountain at main gate of resort.
RVwest Insider

Tucson’s two Rincon Country RV Resorts continue to make improvements after winning national awards

Tucson’s two Rincon Country resorts are among the most highly rated RV resorts in the United States

by Jeff Crider
gas growler in use
RV Gear Guide

I’ve got (portable Ignik Gas Growler) gas

Ignik designed a small refillable propane bottle for small gas appliances like lanterns and camp stoves.