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Isabella Mori on the porch of her tiny house, which she called Thousand Crows.

A tiny RV nest called Thousand Crows

Here’s an RV you won't find in a dealer showroom anytime soon.

RVwest features

2 boys walking through a shaded forest with their arms over each other's shoulders.  The words Bring back the Wildhood have been overlayed the photo.

Re-capture your wildhood

A new campaign launched by Go RVing Canada aims to help Canadians reconnect with their sense of childhood adventure and to encourage all Canadians to tap into their natural-born camper.

January 2015 » by Kimberly Shellborn
Roof on original RV waiting for re-roofing

A new RV, a $12,000 bill, or a DIY roof repair?

The success of a re-roofing project depends on the quality of the materials used and your willingness to invest enough time in preparation.

December 2014 » by

Tenth annual rally brings total to $14,000 for STARS

RVwest gathered RVers at Fairmont Hot Springs for its annual fundraising (and fun!) RV Rally.

December 2014 » by Keith Powell
The PD52DCS and PD52ACS automatic transfer switches can now protect RV electronics from damaging power surges, open neutral and reverse polarity.

Innovative solution to protect RV electronics

Progressive Dynamics has just introduced two new automatic transfer switches with surge protection.

December 2014 » by Karen Kornelsen
A Cubic Mini Wood Stove.

A hot idea

 A Cubic Mini Wood Stove is your lightweight and cost-effective solution to stay warm

RVwest destinations

Wild berries growing outside Fort Nelson.

Fort Nelson has vibrant farm culture

In summer Fort Nelson has almost 24 hours of daylight, making for an excellent growing season for community gardens and the outdoor market.

January 2015 » by Karen Kornelsen

Always something to do

Whether you want to be indoors or outside, there is plenty to do in High Level.

January 2015 » by
The Seaview Walk offers a great view and is easily accessed.

Pick a trail, any trail

The hiking trails in West Vancouver appeal to both casual sight-seers and avid enthusiasts.

January 2015 » by
Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge is comprised of approximately 2000 acres of fields, woods, and wetlands.

Fairbanks, Alaska should be on your bucket list

December 2014 » by Karen Kornelsen
Fall colours beginning to show along the Alaska Hwy between Kluane Lake and Whitehorse, YT on the return trip to the lower 48.

A North American tour

Riley and Karen Caton are on a journey of a lifetime, travelling to all the American states and Canadian provinces.

December 2014 » by Karen Kornelsen

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Rv on the road

RV Living

Working on the road

Supplementing their income is a common practice amongst many full time RVers and the term “working on the road” is used to describe what they are doing.

Backyard Butler Wine Bottle Holder next a lawn chair.

RV Gear Guide

The new Backyard Butler wine bottle holder

Outdoors Unlimited Inc. recently announced that it has added a new wine bottle holder to its award winning line of Backyard Butler drink holders.