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Jerry Clark sitting next to the yellow and black teardrop trailer he built from scratch
RV News

Forging nostalgia: The art of crafting a teardrop RV masterpiece from scratch

Jerry Clark’s RV vision has come to life—find out what it took to build his latest creation.

by Danielle Brost
RVs on the showroom floor at a past Calgary expo
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Don’t miss these Canadian RV shows

Mark your calendar for these highly anticipated RV shows.

by Danielle Brost
RVs being transported
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Enjoy hassle-free hauling with the help of Canada’s top RV transport companies

These are the experts who can safely move your RV anywhere in Canada.

by Danielle Brost
Phil Jordan owner of RV Mobile Edmonton
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Insights from a trailblazer in the RV world: Protect your investment and embrace the road ahead

Philip Jordan, owner of RV Mobile Edmonton, shares expert tips, industry insights, and predictions for the future of recreational travel.
by Danielle Brost
Two people in front of an RV
RV News

Unraveling the RVer’s code: Do you speak the language of the open road?

If you want to be part of the RV community, it helps to learn the lingo!

A motorhome from the side
RV News

Celebrating US RV manufacturers

Who is creating your favourite RV units? We compiled a list of the leading RV manufacturers based in the US.

RV in the forest
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Have you ever considered a career as an RV technician?

Discover the growing demand and exciting opportunities for skilled RV technicians in the booming travel and leisure industry.

A closeup shot of Kaylyn and Phillip
RV News

Van life nomads share their tips for travel

Meet the travellers embracing sustainable full-time van life with their furry companion.

RV News

RVers on an epic family adventure

Mandy and Jason from the Campfire Travelers blog weigh in with RV tips and advice.

A family gathered on the beach
RV News

Roaming roots: A Canadian-American family follows their travel dreams

After navigating lockdowns and other unexpected hiccups, the Love Life Abroad family is still on the move.
A coffee cup next to a stack of books
RV News

Top 10 books for aspiring full-time RVers

Longing for the full-time RV life? Here are ten titles to whet your appetite.

Family together with helmets on, going ziplining
RV News

Every weekend brings a new discovery

The Blackmon family takes weekend RVing to a new level, exploring state parks and other memorable destinations.

The Devries family in front of their RV
RV News

Catching up with the Grateful Glamper family

Digital nomads Ben and Charity DeVries share what they’ve learned from their RV adventures.

Truck and camper parked in the forest
RV Tech Talk

Spring prep tips for your RV

It's nearly time to take the RV out of storage, so here's a checklist to make sure your unit is ready for the upcoming season.

Man standing beside a vintage RV in yellow
Vintage RV

Reflecting on our most popular vintage RV stories

These articles about classic RVs were especially popular with our readers.

RVWA members standing against a background with their logo on it
RV News

Celebrating and supporting women in the RV industry

The RV Women’s Alliance is making tremendous strides with their mentorship program.