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Timothy Fowler is a freelance writer, management consultant, Red Seal Chef and RV traveler. His curiosity about fire and food leads him to write about both. Or you can read his blog on www.birchcanoe.ca or follow him on Twitter and Instagram

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Aron and Tracie from Curly Blue Adventures
RV News

Dreaming reality: A master-level Canadian road trip

When the dream road trip of a lifetime becomes a reality, you might get to swim in three Canadian oceans

May 2022 by
cover of the braising cookbook
Food On Fire

Braising is a culinary metamorphosis perfect for camping

World-renowned writer and chef Michael Ruhlman shares his braising secrets with us.
June 2021 by
gas growler in use
RV Gear Guide

I’ve got (portable Ignik Gas Growler) gas

Ignik designed a small refillable propane bottle for small gas appliances like lanterns and camp stoves.

June 2021 by
These three cousins are enjoying grandma’s homemade cookies in a hammock.
Food On Fire

Family reunion at Battleford, Saskatchewan

Time together as a family is precious as the years tick by, so better plan now.
September 2019 by
Plate of fritters and dishes of sauce.
Food On Fire

Fantastic fritters from the fairground of my childhood

Every time I make fritters, I ask why we don’t do this more often.

August 2019 by
Kid-friendly foods make is easier for everyone.
RV Cuisine

Family camp meal planner

Feeding extended family with foods cooked over the fire is a challenge: Here are some smokin’ hot ideas to make family meals fun and deliciously easy. 

June 2019 by
Truck hauling a fifth wheel trailer.
RV Gear Guide

Why you need to take the Recreational Trailer Safety Course

The National Trailer Safety Institute’s online Recreational Trailer Safety Course is a good place to start for new trailer owners and is a valuable review for experienced operators.

June 2019 by
Meat skewers on grill.
Food On Fire

Secret to granny’s burgers and meatballs revealed

Once you know the secret, making perfect meatballs, skewers or burgers for the campfire is perfectly simple.

June 2019 by
The main spoon portion of the monument is 8.6 metres or 28 feet long.
Red Deer

Famous Five of Diamonds now the world’s largest lure

The Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. 2015 celebrates its 90th anniversary with a world-record monument of a Len Thompson lure in Lacombe, Alberta

May 2019 by
Shortcake, strawberries and cream are a delicious way to celebrate the arrival of summer.
Food On Fire

Ripe Strawberries? Make shortcake

Adjust regular biscuits by adding sugar, vanilla and grated orange as a base to highlight the start of summer berry season.

May 2019 by
Aerial view of RVs and festival area.

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival is August long weekend

Big helpings of family-friendly bluegrass music will be served up at Blueberry Bluegrass Festival, August long weekend in Stony Plain, Alberta.
March 2019 by
Just because the rain is sideways, your power source doesn’t need to be. GenTent will keep your generator completely dry.
RV Gear Guide

Can an RV generator get wet? Yes, and it will ruin it

You wouldn’t take a hair dryer in the bath, so don’t leave your generator in the rain either.

February 2019 by
Perfectly cooked steak is now accessible to everyone, just finish with a quick pan sear.
RV Cuisine

Steak perfection: How to grill the perfect medium-rare porterhouse

An absolutely perfectly cooked steak is within reach of anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled cooking wand and an app-enabled mobile phone.

February 2019 by
A skillet muffin is a simple centre to build a winter brunch around.
Food On Fire

Mixed Berry Skillet Muffin for Brunch

A mixed berry skillet muffin is a luxurious launch to a lazy day.

November 2018 by
Grab your axe; let’s make a chicken sandwich.
Food On Fire

Grab your axe: Let’s make a sandwich

Flattened and breaded, chicken breast makes a delicious hot tomato-ey cheese-topped sandwich.

October 2018 by
RV oven-broiled nachos are like taking the night off from campfire cooking.
Food On Fire

Take the night off and use the broiler for nachos

Did you know your RV oven has a broiler function? Use it to make nachos.

October 2018 by
Jonathan Smith flies jumbo jets for a living and remote-controlled jets for fun.

The Smiths are snowbirds chasing jet-fuelled dreams

The Smiths’ rig is aptly named the Duchess and the Duke, and they travel to compete in model jet events all over the U.S.

October 2018 by
This sample flight includes (left to right) stout, red ale, IPA and a wheat beer, but drink these right to left.
RV Cuisine

Beer-flight planning: Which is your favourite style of beer?

How to plan a beer flight without leaving the ground. 

September 2018 by
Treat yourself to at least one premium alfresco dinner a year––Joy Road Catering at God’s Mountain Estate is a good place to start.
Thompson Okanagan

Experience glorious food atop God’s Mountain Estate on B.C.’s Naramata Bench

Joy Road Catering’s weekly Sunday alfresco vineyard dinners are served at the pinnacle of God’s Mountain Estate. 
September 2018 by
Some folks come to dance, while others come to watch the people.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Dance on the shore of Canada’s only salt water lake—Saskatchewan’s Little Manitou Lake

Manitou Beach Resort near Watrous, 100 kilometres east of Saskatoon: The only place in Canada where you can swim in a saltwater lake.
September 2018 by