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People come from all over the world to soak in the healing mineral waters found at Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa, but many don't know about the many other delights that Watrous and Manitou Beach have to offer. Visit Danceland for a memorable old-time dance experience, or camp at one of the local sites, and prepare for a rejuvenating stay.

People dancing at Danceland Ballroom in Manitou Beach, SK.

Trip planner: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping in Manitou Beach, SK

Information on camping in Manitou Beach, SK, including tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV campgrounds and more.
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Watrous and Manitou Beach

Find your happy place in Saskatchewan

Watrous and Manitou Beach invite you to unwind and escape your worries.
Little Manitou Lake will host The Big Float event on July 13 to celebrate Manitou Beach’s 100th birthday.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Dancing and floating for 100 years

Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, is celebrating its 100th birthday with a series of planned events from May to October.

Some folks come to dance, while others come to watch the people.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Dance on the shore of Canada’s only salt water lake—Saskatchewan’s Little Manitou Lake

Manitou Beach Resort near Watrous, 100 kilometres east of Saskatoon: The only place in Canada where you can swim in a saltwater lake.
child with a bucket on the beach
Watrous and Manitou Beach

The water awaits you in Watrous and Manitou Beach

Healing waters and sandy beaches - this is the way to RV in Saskatchewan.

Shown is a sunset over the Manitou Beach Golf Club in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Tee off at Manitou Beach

Improve your game and soak up the beauty of Manitou Beach and Watrous, Saskatchewan


A woman floats in Little Manitou Lake
Watrous and Manitou Beach

The Dead Sea of Canada is rising in popularity

Watrous, Saskatchewan, has a heavily mineralized lake that is unique in all of North America

Dancing the night away is easy if the floor is cushioned by coiled horse-hair, and the interior of Danceland offers proof of that.
Photo by  G. Berge
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Decades of dance

Danceland has been graced by a number of famous musicians and avid dancers over the years.

Antique cars are lined up at the annual Fun Run Auto Show and Shine.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Top 5 things to see and do near Watrous

Watrous is a quaint Saskatchewan town with vibrant attractions to entice RVers.

Danceland is one of the must-see attractions in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

A piece of Saskatchewan history

Watrous and Manitou have been delighting visitors for decades.

White pelicans near the main dam in the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area and Migratory Bird Sanctuary
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Spend a weekend relaxing in Watrous with a trip to the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area

The town of Watrous is a great weekend getaway for the whole family with Manitou Beach to the north and the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area and Migratory Bird Sanctuary to the south. Combine the two into an educational and relaxing vacation. 

by Mason Buettner
A woman floating in the minerals waters of Manitou Lake at sunset.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Watrous and Manitou Beach – A uniquely Canadian experience

When RV travelers decide to ‘go somewhere different’ how many of us look beyond the well-advertised tourist destinations? When we don’t do that, we risk missing all the historical and environmental importance of places like Watrous and Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan – to say nothing of their plain old-fashioned fun. 

A loaded burger served with fries at John's Plate.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Creative, fresh, and delicious

When John Koupantsis opened his first restaurant in Watrous, Saskatchewan, he knew he wanted to offer good food for the little town.

Dozens of couples dancing on the hardwood floor of Danceland.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Mineral waters made Manitou Beach a 1930s tourist destination

Today's visitors can hear the echoes of delighted tourists dancing, relaxing in mineral waters and watching movies at the drive-in.

by Nowell Berg
The Gallery on 3rd features local artists and artists from around the province.
Watrous and Manitou Beach

Art and nature combine beautifully in Watrous and Manitou Beach

Watrous and Manitou Beach are home to many visual artists, and their varied works enhance the life of the community.

by Karen Kornelsen
Actors in period costume take a group of guests through the Moose Jaw Tunnels, telling them a story of gangsters an prohibition.
Moose Jaw

Visiting Saskatchewan’s past

Discover the top three heritage sites in Saskatchewan as recommended by RVers; the Danceland Ballroom, Fort Pitt Provincial Park and the Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Watrous and Manitou Beach

Birdwatching and more

Last Mountain Lake wildlife sanctuary is a great attraction near Watrous and Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.

RV-friendly businesses near Watrous and Manitou Beach