I’ve got (portable Ignik Gas Growler) gas

Ignik Gas Growlers eliminate 5 disposable propane canisters every time you fill one

gas growler in use
Ignik portable propane cylinders attach easily to camp cookstoves with the included hose. — Timothy Fowler photo
I love my two-burner propane stove. I just added a flat top grill that covers both burners––perfect for pancakes, sausages and bacon––key camping brunch building blocks. But I'm not a fan of the non-recyclable propane gas cylinders.
Every time I screw one of those green disposable propane containers to my stove, I feel a twinge of guilt. I'm even less of a fan of how some campers set the spent green canisters by the campground recycling bin and drive away—rows of spent canisters left in hopes someone will do something with them. But now I love my camp stove even more.

Recycling comes to propane canisters

I have wished someone would invent a solution to eliminate these disposable canisters while retaining their convenience. Somebody has! The folks at Ignik have created a gas growler. 
My Ignik Gas Growler eliminates five disposable (non-recyclable) gas canisters every fillup and eliminates the guilt that goes with it. Just like barley bubbly beverages are available from breweries by growler to eliminate the need for recyclable bottles, the gas growler holds five Coleman disposable cylinders worth of propane. 
This tank is refillable anywhere you fill your propane cylinders. An added convenience bonus is that Ignik gas growlers come in a tailored padded canvas carry bag, which holds the specialized adaptor hose. 
After several weeks of hard use, I can tell you this is a fantastic little piece of camping kit that has saved me money on cylinders and generated no waste. The sooner you get one of these, the sooner you'll stop generating unrecyclable waste.
Now I can use my camp stove guilt-free.

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