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The preferred destination for families and snowbirds alike, Florida is bursting with things to see and do. Check out our Florida destination stories, to find out more about the local attractions and adventures in store for RV campers.

Jonathan Smith flies jumbo jets for a living and remote-controlled jets for fun.

The Smiths are snowbirds chasing jet-fuelled dreams

The Smiths’ rig is aptly named the Duchess and the Duke, and they travel to compete in model jet events all over the U.S.

The Elliott's rig parked on the beach at St. Ann's Bay Campark, Cape Breton, NS.
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Highlighting the map, one road at a time

Wendy and Ron Elliot have been RVing a lot over the past 19 years and love nothing more than an unseen road and the prospect of new experiences at every turn. 

by Louis Bockner
Lake Okeechobee is ideal for outdoor recreation.

RV camping in Okeechobee, Florida

Find the information you need to have a great time RVing in Okeechobee.

RV-friendly businesses near Florida