Food on Fire

Tim Fowler

Timothy Fowler is a Canadian Journalist-chef focused on making wild food delicious. You can follow him on Instagram @timothyfowler Check out his Food on Fire column with RV West Magazine, and give his Elevate Your Game podcast a listen, it launches June 1, 2021

cover of the braising cookbook
Food On Fire

Braising is a culinary metamorphosis perfect for camping

World-renowned writer and chef Michael Ruhlman shares his braising secrets with us.
These three cousins are enjoying grandma’s homemade cookies in a hammock.
Food On Fire

Family reunion at Battleford, Saskatchewan

Time together as a family is precious as the years tick by, so better plan now.
Plate of fritters and dishes of sauce.
Food On Fire

Fantastic fritters from the fairground of my childhood

Every time I make fritters, I ask why we don’t do this more often.

Meat skewers on grill.
Food On Fire

Secret to granny’s burgers and meatballs revealed

Once you know the secret, making perfect meatballs, skewers or burgers for the campfire is perfectly simple.

Shortcake, strawberries and cream are a delicious way to celebrate the arrival of summer.
Food On Fire

Ripe Strawberries? Make shortcake

Adjust regular biscuits by adding sugar, vanilla and grated orange as a base to highlight the start of summer berry season.

A skillet muffin is a simple centre to build a winter brunch around.
Food On Fire

Mixed Berry Skillet Muffin for Brunch

A mixed berry skillet muffin is a luxurious launch to a lazy day.

Grab your axe; let’s make a chicken sandwich.
Food On Fire

Grab your axe: Let’s make a sandwich

Flattened and breaded, chicken breast makes a delicious hot tomato-ey cheese-topped sandwich.

RV oven-broiled nachos are like taking the night off from campfire cooking.
Food On Fire

Take the night off and use the broiler for nachos

Did you know your RV oven has a broiler function? Use it to make nachos.

A fully stacked Lodge Sportsman’s Grill leads to much anticipation.
Food On Fire

Just skewer it!

Marinated meat skewers are tender and tasty. 
Nasty weather keeping you off the water? A steaming bowl of pike chowder takes the sting out.
Food On Fire

The secret to delicious seafood chowder

When blustery weather forces fishermen off the water—make chowder—here’s how.
Landing a metre-long (39-inch-long) fish flips some caveman pleasure-switch deep within.
Food On Fire

Fish fry with friends

Simply fried fresh fish enjoyed with friends enhances the friendship, feeds the crew and extends the pleasure of the fish-camping trip.

Pulled pork is a tasty way to feed a crew.
Food On Fire

Smoked pulled pork and coleslaw

Once you figure out how to maintain a constant temperature, smoking is simple and you and your guests will crave the mahogany results. This orange and prickly pear-flavoured coleslaw will make for lots of “Wow!s”

Baby rye loaves for the kids, finished rye sourdough and fresh marmalade are the treats for the day.
Food On Fire

Seasonal marmalades: Blood orange and lemon-lime

Homemade marmalade is a great late-winter project to undertake with kids and to freshen your fridge with citrus.

Two dinner place settings with wine glasses and white flowers are set on a wooden table.
Food On Fire

A romantic dinner for two: Setting the stage and preparing the meal

Whether you are celebrating your first year together or looking back on decades of romantic dinners, nothing says I love you like a well-executed meal.

soup ingredients in a pot
Food On Fire

Soup: A framework

Nothing beats a bowl of homemade soup on a cold day.

three braid challah
Food On Fire

Celebrate with challah

Challah is loaded with history, meaning and deliciousness.