Watrous and Manitou Beach

Birdwatching and more

Last Mountain Lake wildlife sanctuary is a great attraction near Watrous and Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan.


Birdwatchers should make a point to go RVing in the Watrous and Manitou Beach area. While it's known as a place to relax and soak in the healing, mineral-rich waters, there are also other attractions in the vicinity that you might want to explore next time you’re there. One such attraction is Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area.

Just a 35-minute drive from Watrous and Manitou Beach, Last Mountain Lake has the distinction of having been the first bird sanctuary established in North America. Migratory birds regularly stop there, and its conditions are favourable for breeding, so you could see a huge variety of species during your excursion—including ducks, geese, cranes, songbirds, birds of prey and others.

Bring your binoculars and cameras, but be sure to tread lightly so as not to disturb the delicate habitat these animals depend on.

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