Indio RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Indio, California

A popular snowbirding getaway location, Indio has a wealth of recreational opportunities and tourist attractions to offer RVers.

Indio Riverside County Fair & national Date Festival

Trip planner: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping in Indio, CA

Information on camping in Indio, CA, including tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV campgrounds and more.
Palm Springs date festival fairgrounds
Palm Springs

Top places to go RVing near Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley

This balmy part of California attracts snowbirds with its lively vibe.

A hand-crafted statue depicts the life of Christ.

How about a date in Indio, California?

Shields Date Garden in Indio, California, is a date-lovers paradise

Field crops and date trees create the foreground for the Indio Hills Mountain Range in Indio, California.

No drought about it: Agritourism yields good time in Indio

The farms of Indio, California, are important contributors to agriculture production and are producers of some of the world's best-tasting dates.

by Trina Ayling
Joshua Tree National Park
Palm Springs

Top day trips in the Palm Springs area

Next time you’re camping in Palm Springs, California, check out these attractions and make a day of it.

2 riders, one in yellow, the other in blue, playing polo at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

Indio, California offers more than just festivals

Indio, California, City of Festivals, offers more activities and reasons to celebrate than anywhere else in the state.

John Doughty sitting on some boxes of honey from his bees.

Mmmm honey

The Doughty family in Temecula, California, sell honey and wax straight from the honeybees on their property.

by Lisa Crane
Palm trees, mountains and banners

Old Town LaQuinta is a charming destination for art lovers

Browse the galleries of this pedestrian-friendly village or check out Art Under the Umbrellas on select Sundays.

by DaleAnn Shellborn
pot full of tamales

Indio’s annual Tamale Festival celebrates a taste of Mexico

The weather is hot in Indio, California, and so are the tamales.

palm trees
Palm Springs

Enjoy a date in Palm Springs

Celebrate the date at the International Date Festival in Indio, California.

people gathered in a coffee shop

Coffee shops in Indio

Indio’s java joints are impressive to say the least.

restaurant like that in Indio California

Best restaurants in Indio

With so many recreational pursuits available, Indio visitors are sure to work up an appetite.

Two women are performing on a stage: one in a blue dress, the other in a plaid shirt and pants

Indio is a premier destination for RVing lovebirds

Couples travelling to Indio have a variety of activities to enjoy together. Don't miss out on the chance for romance in the hot, sunny community of Indio.

by Karen Kornelsen

Indio gives visitors a reason to celebrate

Indio's hot, dry climate makes it possible to enjoy outdoor events all year round.

by DaleAnn Shellborn

Make a date with dates in Indio, California

The hot, sunny town of Indio, California, has long billed itself as the date capital of the United States. Since it’s also the hometown of poet John Olivares Espinoza, it’s no coincidence he titled his latest book The Date Fruit Elegies.

by DaleAnn Shellborn

Live out your heart’s desires

Going beyond the ordinary, Indio offers up a host of unique activities for RVers.

people shopping under vendor tents

Top things to see and do in Indio

Indio’s nickname, The City of Festivals, gives a visitor a good idea of what to expect in this happening community.

by Glynis Fediuk

RV-friendly businesses near Indio