Southeast Alaska RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Southeast Alaska

Also known as the Panhandle, Southeast Alaska is much-loved by those with a love of nature and an adventurous spirit. The residents in local communities will welcome you warmly, and teach you about the history of the land and its rich First Nations heritage.

The northern lights over Fairbanks, Alaska.

Foraging for fun in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska, holds many wonders both indoors and outdoors that visitors can enjoy. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Ferry trip near Alaska Peninsula, panhandle and interior

Exploring the Alaska Panhandle and Peninsula

The southern edge of Alaska is diverse in tourism experiences and local culture. This article highlights the best of both.

Shown is a glacier in Juneau, Alaska.
Southeast Alaska

Golf your way along the Alaska Panhandle

If you're taking a road trip through Southeast Alaska, prepare to play on some excellent golf courses.

A riverboat sits on the water

Glide down the water on a riverboat, pocket some gold at the dredge and feel the chill of Alaska

Take in two tours in Fairbanks, Alaska: Riverboat Discovery and Gold Dredge 8

A cabin is buried in deep snow with northern lights in the sky.

Tour the Alaska Panhandle

5 reasons to take your RV to the Alaska Panhandle. 

The Totem Heritage Center celebrates the native culture of Alaska through the preservation of its art.

Native Alaskan culture thrives in modern Ketchikan

Ketchikan, Alaska, celebrates its native art at the Totem Heritage Center

Camping and dining in Wrangell Alaska

Top places to grab a bite in Wrangell, Alaska

This friendly Alaskan community boasts some top-notch dining options.

Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik are watching fireworks from a boat in Seweard, Alaska.
RV News

Working mobile allows for freedom to travel

Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik have taken the dream of living on the road to a robust and exciting level, making a decent living and travelling at their leisure, unsure if they’ll ever go back to living stationary.

Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge is comprised of approximately 2000 acres of fields, woods, and wetlands.
A black bear feasting on pink salmon at the Anan Wildlife Observatory, a rare place to see black and brown bear feeding side.

Wrangle up some album-worthy memories in Wrangell, Alaska

Capture petroglyphs, Chief Shakes Island and wildlife along the Stikine River.

Purple flowers in front of an old gold mine dredge.
Alaskan Interior

History and scenery collide in the town of Chicken

From quirky signposts and rustic buildings to pastoral countryside and Alaska wildlife, the photo opportunities in and around this small town will impress. 

Wrangell Alaska dock

RV camping in Wrangell, Alaska

See why everyone loves an Alaskan adventure; visit the city of Wrangell on your next holiday.

2014 Alaska Caravan map
Dawson Creek

2014 Alaska Caravan

The great thing about a caravan is having guides who know the area and can showcase the best there is to see in each community: entertainment, attractions, campgrounds and restaurants.

by Duane Pilson
Ronn Murray's 8 passenger van with the aurora lights showing behind it.

Fall in love with the aurora of Alaska

Ronn Murray shows off the photo opportunities in Faribanks, Alaska.

by Gail Kesslar
mountains and trees by a lake in Skagway

Top things to see and do in Skagway

Adventures await you in this enthralling northern location.

overhead view of a festival in Fairbanks, AK

Top things to see and do in Fairbanks

A testament to Northern hospitality, Fairbanks welcomes visitors with open arms.

RV-friendly businesses near Southeast Alaska