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Mr. Eggee, Chicken’s mascot, overlooks the Pedro dredge.
Alaskan Interior

Are you chicken? Alaska is

There are many reasons to squawk about Chicken, Alaska

Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik are watching fireworks from a boat in Seweard, Alaska.
RV News

Working mobile allows for freedom to travel

Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik have taken the dream of living on the road to a robust and exciting level, making a decent living and travelling at their leisure, unsure if they’ll ever go back to living stationary.

Upper park of Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost.
Alaskan Interior

Chicken, Alaska’s Chicken Gold Camp

Packed full of history, raw wilderness and fun, Chicken, Alaska should mark a spot on every adventurer’s bucket list.

Chickenstock Music Festival
Alaskan Interior

A small town with big personality

Come to Chicken, Alaska, for warm hospitality and laid-back charm.

Purple flowers in front of an old gold mine dredge.
Alaskan Interior

History and scenery collide in the town of Chicken

From quirky signposts and rustic buildings to pastoral countryside and Alaska wildlife, the photo opportunities in and around this small town will impress. 

Camping in Chicken, Alaska
Alaskan Interior

RV camping in Chicken, Alaska

RVing in Chicken, Alaska, is a one-of-a-kind experience, and the locals are a blast.

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