Mackenzie RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Mackenzie, British Columbia

With a variety of outdoor terrain—lakes, rivers and hiking trails galore—Mackenzie is the top choice of many RVers. Pursue water sports at Morfee Lake, practice your putt at the Mackenzie Golf & Country Club or indulge in outdoor recreation at one of the numerous wilderness areas nearby. Scroll down on our Mackenzie landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV dealers, campsites and more.

The Whistle Stop Gallery features art from over 90 local artists. Photo courtesy of Golden Raven.
Prince George

Top 5 attractions in Northern B.C.

You can't go wrong if you include these highlights in your Northern B.C. holiday.

Veggies grown by Rick and Karen Parent. 

Growing a new way of life for northern B.C.

Rick and Karen Parent invented and patented the RV tow bar. Now they're experimenting with food production techniques in Mackenzie. 

by Karen Kornelsen
Ethan Cox showing off his catch from Williston Lake near Mackenzie.

Endless opportunities in Mackenzie

Mackenzie, situated in the Rocky Mountain Trench, is blessed with clean air and crystalline water.

A woman sits on a dock looking over a lake with a bike beside her.

Full of pleasant surprises

For most families, camping is about the opportunity to relax outdoors, explore nature and have fun together. Mackenzie, B.C., it turns out, is a great destination for all three.

Woman and man holding a very large fish

How to catch (and cook) a big fish in Mackenzie, BC

There are so many fish-filled lakes and rivers in Mackenzie it’s almost impossible for anglers to go home empty-handed.


Mackenzie is an outdoor water playground

Mackenzie is located on Williston Lake—a man-made lake that boasts 1,200 kilometres of shoreline and offers lots of summer fun.

This photograph is an aerial perspective of Mackenzie during 1972.

Discover the history of Mackenzie

Guests can dive into the history of Mackenzie with the best resource in town: the Mackenzie and District Museum.

by Breanne Massey

The recreation centre is at the heart of community life in Mackenzie

"Meet me at the rec centre" is a common refrain in Mackenzie.


Exploring Mackenzie, BC

Your journey should probably start at the local tourism office but don’t neglect the local library or the Mackenzie and District Museum as sources of information to aide in your discoveries. 

person on a dock riding their bike

Top things to see and do in Mackenzie

It’s hard to ignore the outdoor recreation options around Mackenzie.

by Trevor Crawley
large yellow piece of equipment

Behind the name Mackenzie

Mackenzie, B.C., was created in the 1960s to service the needs of the large pulp-and-paper manufacturing plants. A giant tree crusher was brought in to help clear the land before the Peace River was dammed to form Williston Lake.


A world of flora and fauna

No matter what the season, Mackenzie, B.C., has something wonderful in store.

RV-friendly businesses near Mackenzie