Carol Ann Quibell

For as long as I have been RVing I have wanted to become a full-timer—and that’s been for a very long time. Because of my dream I have been fascinated by everything I have read or heard regarding full-time RVing and have added each bit of information to my list of reasons why we should live this lifestyle. However, it isn’t always as simple as I would like to think due to individual challenges whether it is personal, budget or health related issues. For some it is only a dream but to others it is a way of life. I will be sharing my love of RVing, resources and research with the intent of helping each of you add to your dreams or assist you with some of the challenges you may face as a full-time RVer. I hope you will enjoy reading my column and gain a little bit of knowledge in the process.

If you have any suggestions or questions please email me or check out my RVing website or my travelling website—I would love to hear from you.

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Two people in front of an RV
RV News

Unraveling the RVer’s code: Do you speak the language of the open road?

If you want to be part of the RV community, it helps to learn the lingo!

July 2023 by
RV set up in a park
RV Living

Living within the law - legal information for full-time RVers

If you are contemplating becoming a full-time RVer and are faced with the challenge of living within your local laws—don’t give up. It can be done.

January 2017 by
A photo of a motorhome parked on a beach in Mexico.
RV Living

How much does the RV lifestyle cost?

Before you start out full-timing, you will want to consider the costs: fuel, campgrounds, food, repairs and other travel-related expenses.

May 2016 by
A women in rolled-up jeans, herring bone design compression socks and wedge healed shoes.
RV Living

Your Socks may save your life!

Compression socks don’t have to be ugly but they can be life-saving

March 2016 by
A To Do list in lime green, held up by a red clip.
RV Living

Departure checklist for RVers

 If you create a list to follow and then actually follow it, nothing gets forgotten and you won’t drive away leaving a water hose still connected. 

December 2015 by
Johnnie Walker RV Salesperson Shawna Fitch  with customers Cesareo and Janette Razo.
RV News

Buying an RV on reality TV

The GAC reality show Going RV follows buyers to a Las Vegas dealership.

November 2015 by
Conrad and Donna Lindblom with their goats.
RV News

A retirement project leads to full-time RVing with a herd of goats

Conrad and Donna Lindblom travel in a fifth wheel and bring along dozens of goats, two saddle horses and some dogs.

July 2015 by
A smiling women pictured in the forground is talking on her cell phone while her husband, who is seen in the backround, is holding a cup of coffee next to their RV.
RV Living

Snowbird cellphone tips

What are the best options for RVers who travel in the States and want to stay connected with their family and friends?

June 2015 by
A fifth wheel RV set up for full-time RV living.
RV Living

Are you ready to retire to an RV?

Many people dream of retiring and travelling fulltime in an RV. Here are some things to consider before setting off.

June 2015 by
An RV on fire with a number of firefighters trying to put out the flames.
RV Living

One size does not fit all for RV insurance in Canada

Questions about insuring the RV for a lengthy stay in the U.S. 

June 2015 by
Picture of RV set-up for full-time living
RV Living

Retire to an RV

Make sure you do your research—have a heart-to-heart with your spouse, talk with friends and family—before making the important decision of living the RV life full-time. 

June 2015 by
Picture of three firemen putting out RV fire
RV Living

One size does not fit all for RV Insurance in Canada

Making sure that your insurance agent knows your exact travel plans can help you avoid unwelcome surprises down the road. 

June 2015 by
House covered with snow.
RV Living

What’s on the minds of snowbirds

Carol Ann Quibell gets many queries about two topics: American border laws and making a living as a full-timer.

April 2015 by
April is lambing season at Aveley Alpine Ranch.
RV Living

Lots of lambs

Visit a working sheep ranch north of Kamloops for a taste of pioneer life.

April 2015 by
Boy and dog.
RV Living

How safe are your pets in the RV?

Many RVers travel with their pets. Here are some tips for keeping Fido happy and healthy on the road.

April 2015 by
Theresa Pedersen bottles at Left Field Cider Co.
RV News

Left Field Cider Co. is all about the apples

Left Field Cider Co. makes traditional craft cider using only the juice of apples, without any concentrates or flavours. 

March 2015 by
Anna & Wilmar Froehlick, from Kamloops, BC Camp Hosting at Logan Lake.
RV Snapshots

Camp host life

Anna and Wilmar Froehlick talk about what it takes to be volunteer campground hosts.

November 2014 by
Photo of a winter scene from inside the home.
RV Living

Is your house safe while you’re away?

Snowbirds must make preparations for leaving a house vacant.

October 2014 by
KOA campsite
RV Living

How to choose the right campground

There are different types of RVers, each with a different list of requirements for a place to stay.

September 2014 by
The bright yellow flowers of the Canadian Goldenrod.
RV News

Hiking up to Canada’s most accessible alpine wildflowers

Vibrant wildflowers abound at Sun Peaks Resort in central British Columbia

July 2014 by