The Sunshine Coast RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in The Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

The Sunshine Coast is one of those places you will feel drawn to the moment you arrive. Camping is a natural choice for this stunning tourism area, not least of all because of the wildlife viewing opportunities, campgrounds and recreational activities and attractions that can be enjoyed here. Scroll down on our Sunshine Coast landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV dealers, campsites and more.

August’s Blackberry Festival in Powell River.
Powell River

The best food to be found in Powell River, B.C.

There are many things that make Powell River unique, and the Blackberry Festival is just one of them.

A view of Powell River from above
Powell River

Paddle into Powell River

Here are some of the best spots to visit in Powell River, B.C. Make sure to bring your kayak and your bathing suit so you can soak up some sun on the Sunshine Coast.

Powell River's beauty includes a gorgeous coastline of blue ocean waters.
The Sunshine Coast

The journey of a coastal community

Powell River has its share of tales to tell and a history that is too intriguing to leave unexplored.

Earl's Cove
The Sunshine Coast

Hike the trails around Earl’s Cove

Take a hike, and enjoy the natural wonders while camping in Earl's Cove, B.C.

The Patricia Theatre in Powell River has a long and storied cinematic history. It is also a beautiful bit of architechure, inside and out.
The Sunshine Coast

Oh, the stories the “Pat” could tell

The venerable Patricia Theatre in Powell River, on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast, has a fascinating cinematic history.

by Sandra Albers
BC Ferries' Coastal Celebration en route from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay.
RV News

BC Ferries open up new roads

A summertime promotion makes riding the ferries more affordable for RVers.

by Nowell Berg
Out on the water at sunset with Bowen Island Sea Kayaking.
The Sunshine Coast

Vancouver Coast and Mountains – breath-taking scenery, a playground for all

Vancouverites boast they can ski in the morning, swim in the afternoon and dine by candlelight in the evening; so for RVers who travel to the Vancouver Coast and Mountains, activities and memories await.

Two silhouetted boats glide past an orange sunset in Powell River, B.C.
The Sunshine Coast

Loving life on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast

Locals Wayne and Margy Lutz tell us all the things to do and see in Lund and Powell River on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast.

Yacht on the ocean
The Sunshine Coast

Undiscovered treasures in Lund and Desolation Sound

There is always something new to discover—for kids of all ages—in Lund and Desolation Sound, among the prettiest areas of B.C.'s Sunshine Coast.

by Lisa Crane
Man in natural setting
The Sunshine Coast

Playing in Powell River

Opportunities for discovery and recreation abound in the friendly community of Powell River and nearby Lund. Sample local beer, explore old-growth forest and feast on stunning views.

by Lisa Crane
people sitting on a beach
The Sunshine Coast

Top things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast

Your schedule will be as full as you want it to be when you visit B.C.'s Sunshine Coast.

lady at a loom making crafts at Madeira park, BC
The Sunshine Coast

Cultural flavour meets recreational allure

The oceanside communities of Garden Bay, Madeira Park and Irvine’s Landing all make up a unique area commonly referred to as Pender Harbour. Each brings its own flair to this section of the Sunshine Coast.

island shop and seating area
The Sunshine Coast

Get your ocean fix

For those who can’t resist the call of the ocean, there is no better place to explore than Pender Island.

by Phyllis Crook

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