The Sunshine Coast

Undiscovered treasures in Lund and Desolation Sound

There is always something new to discover—for kids of all ages—along this pretty part of B.C.'s Sunshine Coast

by Lisa Crane
Yacht on the ocean
Go for a cruise on the Agate Pass, a yacht operated by Ted and Joanie Winegarden. — Photo courtesy Joanie Winegarden

Do you and your family want to experience something you will never forget? Then join Ted and Joanie Winegarden and Beyond the Road Adventures in Lund, British Columbia, for a breathtaking cruise of Desolation Sound Marine Park and surrounding waters.

Accessible by ferry from the Lower Mainland, Lund lies at the northern edge of B.C.'s Sunshine Coast. Lund is a little community with a big claim to fame. At Mile 0 of the Pacific Coastal Highway—which terminates 15,202 kilometres away in the South American town of Quellon, Porto Monte, Chile—Lund is a fisher's paradise and a bustling outdoor mecca for family fun in the summertime.

The wonders of the ocean

Among the abundance of things to do in the area, one highlight would have to be exploring Desolation Sound Marine Park on the Winegardens' 37-foot tri-cabin yacht, the Agate Pass. Joanie said that their cruises offer an unmatched experience for folks young and old.

Eight or nine years ago, said Joanie, she and her husband met an Alberta couple at Savary Island, just minutes from Lund. The couple had missed the water taxi and were looking for a lift back to Lund.

“The woman was ecstatic,” said Joanie. “She was interested and excited, and wanted to participate in everything.”

The woman was beside herself when she saw a seal, and her enthusiasm was contagious, said Joanie. From that moment on, the Winegardens realized that so many people had never experienced—or had never even had the opportunity to experience—what they did every day. The Winegardens had wanted to discover a new path for some time, and as they looked around it became obvious that the beauty, the water and everything that existed around them represented just that—a new direction. 

“We love how we can offer an experience that really delights people, which delights us in turn,” said Joanie.

It's in the details

Beyond the Road Adventures offers a number of tours from May to late October. The tours range in length, with the longer cruises including a lunch fashioned from the Winegardens' own garden and local and organic ingredients when possible. Extended cruises that include whale and bear watching in Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago area can be arranged as well.

Joanie said they cater to all ages, but for the young kids, the shorter tours are best.

“The two-hour tour of the Copeland Islands really suits families with young children,” said Joanie. “It is an Introduction to the beauty of the northern Gulf Islands.”

She said that it gives kids a glimpse of the magnificent scenery and wildlife that is really beyond anyone's expectations; it is hard to describe the feeling you get when you are surrounded by the beautiful rugged mountains and protected waterways.

“It is so big, and it is right there,” said Joanie. “Many of the older kids can become really engaged, wanting to see how the charts work and learn about the electronics.”

Savary Island is another big draw in the area for families with kids and grandkids. The sandy white beaches and warm water provide a natural playground and it is accessible by the water taxi. 

Terracentric Adventures in Lund really focuses on young visitors too, said Joanie. The company offers educational and interpretive programs for children and adults.

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