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Carol Ann Quibell

Carol Ann Quibell is a full-time RVer originally from British Columbia who loves to share her knowledge of the lifestyle with others. She specializes in solving the legal, financial and safety issues associated with spending all year on the road.

Two women wearing sunglasses, T-shirts, shorts and sandals smile in front of a backdrop that includes a yellow canoe, a lake, distant mountains and cloudy skies.
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1 RV + 2 UK sisters + 4 Canadian provinces = international adventure

Lucy Dodsworth, UK travel blogger for On the Luce, RVed through Canada and chronicled her experiences

Kate McCallum and Adam Doolittle learned a lot as they made their way from Canada’s east coast to the west coast with their chocolate lab dog, Bella, and calico cat, Paris Frances.
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5 Helpful hints to know before you go RVing for the first time

Kate McCallum, RV blogger for Full Time Canada, dissects some important details full-time RVers should know before they set off on their adventure

Kate McCallum and Adam Doolittle brought their chocolate lab dog, Bella, and calico cat, Paris Frances, on their trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
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Full Time Canada cruises coast to coast

Kate McCallum, RV blogger for Full Time Canada, crossed the country while chronicling her exploits

Darth Vader helmet firepit
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Enlist the aid of the Barnyard Empire for the ultimate firepits

Adam Schewe, owner of Barnyard Empire in Peachland, B.C., makes custom-built portable firepits

Traveler the Dalmatian is standing at the front of a kayak with Rashelle Elburg holding a paddle.
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Camping with canines in Kananaskis Country

Christine Newman, owner of Sticky Pets and professional photographer, heads out to Kananaskis, Alberta, every chance she gets with her four dogs.
Jacob Born and his children set out for an RVing adventure of a lifetime (L to R): Bryan, David, Teresa, Jacob, Matt and John.
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Crossing Western Canada at 90 years old—it can be done!

Jacob Born and his five adult children embarked on a trip through his past to relive days gone by

Valerie Bourne
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Meet Valerie Bourne: RVwest’s new sales representative

A Q & A with RVwest’s new sales representative

Pat Deleenheer and Jeff Ashworth love to travel the byways throughout B.C., soaking up the culture and history of its communities
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RVing with purpose

For Pat DeLeenheer and Jeff Ashworth, their home province of B.C. is a favourite place to explore, learn about and enjoy.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.
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2,800 nights on the road; 180,000 kilometres driven and the same wife for 50 years

From humble beginnings on a poverty-stricken farm to vice president of a large bank, Earl Andrusiak has seen it all

RVs crossing the border
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A first-timer’s guide to RVing in Mexico

With a bit of preparation in advance, your trip south can be an unforgettable adventure.

RV set up in a park
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Living within the law - legal information for full-time RVers

If you are contemplating becoming a full-time RVer and are faced with the challenge of living within your local laws—don’t give up. It can be done.

A photo of a motorhome parked on a beach in Mexico.
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How much does the RV lifestyle cost?

Before you start out full-timing, you will want to consider the costs: fuel, campgrounds, food, repairs and other travel-related expenses.

A women in rolled-up jeans, herring bone design compression socks and wedge healed shoes.
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Your Socks may save your life!

Compression socks don’t have to be ugly but they can be life-saving

A To Do list in lime green, held up by a red clip.
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Departure checklist for RVers

 If you create a list to follow and then actually follow it, nothing gets forgotten and you won’t drive away leaving a water hose still connected. 

A smiling women pictured in the forground is talking on her cell phone while her husband, who is seen in the backround, is holding a cup of coffee next to their RV.
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Snowbird cellphone tips

What are the best options for RVers who travel in the States and want to stay connected with their family and friends?

A fifth wheel RV set up for full-time RV living.
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Are you ready to retire to an RV?

Many people dream of retiring and travelling fulltime in an RV. Here are some things to consider before setting off.