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Carol Ann Quibell

Carol Ann Quibell is a full-time RVer originally from British Columbia who loves to share her knowledge of the lifestyle with others. She specializes in solving the legal, financial and safety issues associated with spending all year on the road.

An RV on fire with a number of firefighters trying to put out the flames.
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One size does not fit all for RV insurance in Canada

Questions about insuring the RV for a lengthy stay in the U.S. 

Picture of RV set-up for full-time living
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Retire to an RV

Make sure you do your research—have a heart-to-heart with your spouse, talk with friends and family—before making the important decision of living the RV life full-time. 

Picture of three firemen putting out RV fire
RV Living

One size does not fit all for RV Insurance in Canada

Making sure that your insurance agent knows your exact travel plans can help you avoid unwelcome surprises down the road. 

House covered with snow.
RV Living

What’s on the minds of snowbirds

Carol Ann Quibell gets many queries about two topics: American border laws and making a living as a full-timer.

April is lambing season at Aveley Alpine Ranch.
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Lots of lambs

Visit a working sheep ranch north of Kamloops for a taste of pioneer life.

Boy and dog.
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How safe are your pets in the RV?

Many RVers travel with their pets. Here are some tips for keeping Fido happy and healthy on the road.

Photo of a winter scene from inside the home.
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Is your house safe while you’re away?

Snowbirds must make preparations for leaving a house vacant.

KOA campsite
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How to choose the right campground

There are different types of RVers, each with a different list of requirements for a place to stay.

Year round RV Park with permanent sites for full-timers needing a home base.
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The challenges of maintaining a home base

Canadian full-time RVers must have a legal physical address for at least six months of the year.

The BC Interior RV Show in Penticton, B.C.
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A tour of the BC Interior RV Show in Penticton

RV shows are a good resource for information on the RV lifestyle.

Day use area at the Provincial Park Lac la Jeune, near Kamloops.
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Volunteering with BC Parks and Parks Canada

Now is the time to apply for a volunteer host position with BC Parks or explore options at Parks Canada.

RVwest facebook page.
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Benefits and risks of using Facebook for RVers

Many RVers use Facebook as a means to keep in touch with their families while on the road.

2 containers filled with plants, 1 has a small tree, and the other container has flowers.
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Containers of flowers and veggies tempt RVing gardeners

Creating a container garden includes having soil, a container, plants and water and really doesn’t need to be difficult.

senior woman in a motorhome
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Does your travel insurance cover you in the event of death?

Snowbirds need to face the facts about what will happen if a travelling partner dies while you're out of the country.

A shady spot at Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park campground.
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How does the BC Parks reservation system work?

Carol Ann Quibell gives some tips and tricks for scoring the best campsite in a B.C. provincial park.

American flag
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Snowbirds must be aware of U.S. laws

There are laws regarding the length of your stay, your driver's licence and even the length of your RV.