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Meet Valerie Bourne: RVwest’s new sales representative

Getting to know Valerie Bourne, RVwest’s new sales representative

Valerie Bourne
Valerie Bourne is a new sales representative at RVwest. — Kyle Born photo

There are a few changes unfolding in the offices of RVwest. Amie Lubbers has transitioned from sales representative to sales manager for Koocanusa Publications—parent company of RVwest. Taking over for Amie as sales representative is Valerie Bourne. She has moved from Koocanusa’s BetterBook division to RVwest.

To give you a better understanding of who Valerie is and what qualifications she brings to RVwest, we sat down with her for a brief Q & A.

What experience do you have in advertising?

Over 25 years in a combination of radio, newsprint and magazine.

What can clients expect when you give them a call?

Knowledgeable. Friendly. Open. I understand business. I’ve dealt with such a variety of businesses over the years while selling advertising that I have a general, broad knowledge of so many types of businesses. I have extensive experience in laying out ads and getting the right message across for the advertiser. I excel at helping clients grow and generate more business through marketing.

Why make the switch to RVwest?

Changes in my personal life. My husband is going through knee replacement surgeries. I need to be home to go through that with him. With BetterBook, we were on the road every week. This was an opportunity to make the change that fit our lifestyle and still be a part of this company. I’m doing what I do best: selling advertising and working with our clients.

What is your favourite RV destination?

Places around lakes where we can take the grandchildren. I love to go to northern B.C.

Is there anything else you’d like RVwest readers and clients to know about you?

I’m happy to be part of RVwest. I see the RV lifestyle increasing—more and more people are embracing it. From the time I was three years old, my family camped. It’s something that has always been a part of my life. I started out in tents and progressed up to RVs. I can’t think of life without that experience. When I retire, we plan on doing two or three months at a time on the road. We want to explore more and more of Canada, all the way out to the east coast and back again. 

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