Food on Fire

Tim Fowler

Timothy Fowler is a Canadian Journalist-chef focused on making wild food delicious. You can follow him on Instagram @timothyfowler Check out his Food on Fire column with RV West Magazine, and give his Elevate Your Game podcast a listen, it launches June 1, 2021

A fully smoked chicken thigh.
Food On Fire

Charcoal Chicken: Why quit smoking in the winter?

The art of BBQing and smoking - it's not just for the summer months. 

Family eating cabbage rolls
Food On Fire

Cabbage roll day

Here are our family secrets to great cabbage rolls. 

Ripe crab apples in the city of St. Albert.
Food On Fire

Crab apple jelly

As a kid, I made crab apple jelly every autumn with my Grandmother. What follows is that story and the recipe.

Caramelized Carnitas ready for a tortilla.
Food On Fire

Carnitas on a Swedish Log Fire

Caramelized onions, and fresh red and green peppers make this dish something your guests will brag about.

barbecue ribs
Food On Fire

Barbecued pork ribs: Secret sauce

Whip up the perfect summer meal!

Fire-roasted veg with a side of homemade sausage.
Food On Fire

Fire-Roasted Vegetables—The Power of Man’s Red Flower

We sometimes forget there was a time that we did all of our cooking on the fire.

Author carves loin of whole smoked hog
Food On Fire

(Nearly) 101 Tips from the BBQ pros

Expert advice on getting the best barbecue experience.

Timothy Fowler photo
Food On Fire

What is a pie iron? Beyond pie filling and Wonder Bread

It's time to explore the potential of your pie iron.

Russell and Janice Smella.
Food On Fire

Pro Barbecue team SmellaQue compete from 1969 Airstream

Food, travel and hobby came together for Russell and Janice Smella like a chicken and ribs and cornbread combo.

Jambalaya is what happened to Paella after emigrating to North America
Food On Fire

Jambalaya On The Fire

Jambalaya is what happened to Spanish Paella after emigrating to North America. 

Fully Baked Cake
Food On Fire

One bowl Dutch oven chocolate cake

Enjoy dessert over the campfire with this easy recipe for chocolate cake, done in a dutch oven. 

One Pot Chicken Paprika
Food On Fire

One Pot Chicken Paprika

One-pot meals over the fire are simple and delicious anytime, but especially so when camping. 

Duck Pupu
Food On Fire

Pupus for happy hour

With a little preparation, it's easy to enjoy a tasty little exotic morsel from the comfort of your RV. 

A buttermilk biscuit with strawberry jam and butter looks tasty.
Food On Fire

Grandma Ellen’s Buttermilk Biscuits

These biscuits are perfect for an RVer's breakfast with butter and jam