Fort Nelson RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Fort Nelson, British Columbia

A true northern wilderness destination, Fort Nelson is ready and waiting for adventurous RVers to arrive. Hikers, skiers and many other outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this area all throughout the year, so pack up your trailer and head north to this stunning location. 

This hole on the Poplar Hills Golf & Country Club in Fort Nelson is lined with trees and has a water hazard.
Fort Nelson

Hit the greens in Fort Nelson

Poplar Hills Golf & Country Club attracts golfers to Fort Nelson.

A caribou standing beside a lake with snowy mountains all around.
Fort Nelson

Activities and artifacts in beautiful Fort Nelson

This hospitable northern destination has so much to offer RVers.

Antique cars and trucks are parked at the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum, which offers visitors a chance to learn about the building of the Alaska highway.
Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson’s museum is a must-see

The Fort Nelson Heritage Museum includes an antique car and truck collection as well as displays on the building of the Alaska Highway.

An antique car is shown at the Fort Nelson Historical Museum
Dawson Creek

Top 10 reasons to drive the Alaska Highway this summer during its 75th anniversary

10 exciting things to see and do when embarking on your summer adventure on the Alaska Highway

Kevin Friesen, chef at Down to Earth Health Shop and Cafe in Fort Nelson, B.C.
Fort Nelson

Eating healthy in Fort Nelson

In B.C.’s north, where short growing seasons and limited transportation can limit available ingredients, developing a local cuisine flavour is a trick–unless it means a secret mission to make healthy, vegetarian comfort food the community’s daily norm. 

Wild berries growing outside Fort Nelson.
Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson has vibrant farm culture

In summer Fort Nelson has almost 24 hours of daylight, making for an excellent growing season for community gardens and the outdoor market.

by Karen Kornelsen
Bison roam the streets at Liard Hot Springs.
Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson: a natural treasure

Wildlife and scenic views capture northern B.C.’s essence, while endless adventure possibilities keep locals and visitors exploring year round. 

Pack horses traveling through Stone Mountain Provincial Park.
Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson: a photographic gem of the north

Fort Nelson photographer Wayne Sawchuck has advice for getting great photos in this stunning region.

by Colin Payne
Fort Nelson

Make Fort Nelson your family’s destination in the northern Rockies

Here's what to look for if you're RVing with kids in and around Fort Nelson, B.C.

Cyclist enjoying the Community Trail in Fort Nelson, BC
Fort Nelson

Discover Mile 300

The town of Fort Nelson sits at the historic Mile 300, one of many mileposts on the famous Alaska Highway. 

elk gathered under a waterfall in Fort Nelson, BC's RV area
Fort Nelson

Top things to see and do in Fort Nelson

Five engaging attractions will keep you entertained while visiting this gateway community.

RV-friendly businesses near Fort Nelson