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Reg DeYoung

Reg DeYoung is an RV expert and a regular columnist in RVwest. He is a journeyman RV technician with 15 years of experience in the RV industry. He works at Runners RV in Cranbrook, B.C.

Truck and camper parked in the forest
RV Tech Talk

Spring prep tips for your RV

It's nearly time to take the RV out of storage, so here's a checklist to make sure your unit is ready for the upcoming season.

Lithium battery.
RV Tech Talk

Lithium versus lead acid batteries for your RV—which is better?

RVwest asked our resident RV tech, Reg DeYoung, to give us his take on how upstart lithium batteries compared to standby lead acid batteries. 

Broken Liner
RV Tech Talk

Timely tips for winterizing your RV

Our tech expert offers some timely tips for winterizing your RV

a rotting trailer falling apart
RV Tech Talk

Preventative maintenance with RV sealants

Avoid costly water damage repairs with an annual inspection and touch-ups.
Lloyd Panchuk, an RV service technician with Runners RV in Cranbrook, B.C., works on repacking wheel bearings.
RV Tech Talk

Tech Talk: RV wheel bearings 101

All axle manufacturers strongly recommend an annual repack of wheel bearings as scheduled maintenance on your travel trailer or fifth wheel.

The author is standing in front of an RV solar power display.
RV Tech Talk

RV Solar Power 101

For the RV enthusiasts who enjoy dry camping or boondocking, the addition of a solar panel package is very beneficial. 

A typical aluminium-sided RV in the process of having new siding panels installed.
RV Tech Talk

Types of RV sidewall construction

As a seasoned RV owner or a potential RV buyer, you may have an interest in the difference between an aluminium sided or “soft wall” RV and a laminated or “hard wall” unit. You may have seen these descriptions used in a RV brochure or mentioned by a salesperson in a sales pitch at an RV show or dealers lot.

A Dometic fridge burner assembly plugged by a mud dauber
RV Tech Talk

RV refrigerators 101

When the fridge in your RV quits, how do you know if it is a quick fix or time for a new fridge?

by Reg De Young
Runners RV service technician Lloyd Panchuk checks voltage on a furnace as Service Manager Tom Gilgan look on.
RV Tech Talk

Basic RV Furnace 101

A pre-trip inspection of your furnace will ensure proper operation when you need it the most.

by Reg De Young
A truck and RV travelling down the highway.
RV Tech Talk

Tips for purchasing an RV for the first time

The decision to buy an RV should not be taken lightly—take your time, ask lots of questions and educate yourself on RV ownership. 

Two bottles of rubber roof cleaner and two bottles of slide out seal.
RV Tech Talk

Accessories for your RV

RVers can find numerous practical gadgets, products and accessories for their RVs.

Overlooking a lake to see a truck and 5th wheel, parked in a campspot.
RV Tech Talk

RV 101: An introduction to the RV lifestyle

Tech Talk author Reg DeYoung will be teaching a course about RVing at College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, B.C.

RV Tech Talk

The RV Propane Regulator- The Heart of the RV LPG System

Most all RVs will require the use of a liquid propane gas (LPG) regulator to supply a consistent and controlled vapor pressure to the propane appliances.

Water pump.
RV Tech Talk

The RV water pump

The water pump is a very important component of an RV's water system. Tech Talk columnist Reg DeYoung describes how to keep it in top shape.

RV Tech Talk

Reg answers your questions about water damage and airbags

RV technician Reg DeYoung recommends an airbag manufacturer and explains what to look for when you're up on the roof of your RV.

Photo of a lighted gas burner.
RV Tech Talk

What’s cooking with your RV stovetop and oven

Reg deYoung explains how your RV stove works and offers some safety tips.