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Photo of Danielle Cameron

Danielle Cameron

Danielle Cameron is a writer and web editor for several publications, and she has been practising as a Certified Herbal Practitioner since 2005.

RVwest writers

Photo of Kyle Born

Kyle Born

Kyle has held a variety of job titles through the years: radio announcer, voice actor, English teacher, delivery driver, missionary, wedding DJ, comedian and several other things that he may have forgotten because his memory isn’t always the best, which is why he writes things down.

Photo of Reg DeYoung

Reg DeYoung

Reg DeYoung is an RV expert and a regular columnist in RVwest. He is a journeyman RV technician with 28 years of experience in the RV industry. He works at Runners RV in Cranbrook, B.C.

Photo of Timothy Fowler

Timothy Fowler

Timothy Fowler is a freelance writer, Red Seal Chef and RV traveler. His curiosity about fire and food leads him to write about both.

Photo of Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is an outdoor writer and outdoorsman who enjoys travelling, exploring and camping along the way.

RVwest contributors

Photo of Dennis Begin

Dennis Begin

Dennis Begin is a retired teacher from B.C.’s Lower Mainland who is a member of the Golf Teachers Federation. With his wife Pat and dog Bogey, Dennis travels the southwest U.S. and Mexico, researching history and attempting to perfect his golf game.

Photo of Lynne Benjamin

Lynne Benjamin

Lynne Benjamin has been RVing since the early 1970s and calls herself a “most-timer” (as opposed to full-timer). Though she considers her RV her home, she does spend a couple of months a year in a condo in Lethbridge, Alberta.