Snowbirding for RVers

Snowbirds seek to avoid the frigid winter temperatures up north, so they head south in their RVs for several months of the year. Touring the warmer destinations is a great way to escape the snow and ice. 
The articles featured in this section will offer tips on resorts, attractions, camping hacks and other helpful information for those interested in the snowbirding lifestyle.
person laying in a hospital bed, with insurance papers on their lap
Snowbirding for RVers

Medical insurance: What snowbirds should consider

What every RVer needs to know about medical insurance before travelling south.

RV resort with palm trees around it
Snowbirding for RVers

Top snowbird destinations for RVers

Looking for the best place to RV in winter? Consider these top snowbirding destinations.

RV in the California desert
Snowbirding for RVers

Snowbirding for RVers: Tips and advice

Handy tricks and pointers to make your next snowbirding holiday go smoothly.

An image of a white flower in the desert
Snowbirding 101

Stalking the elusive desert wildflowers

After four months of desert winter, I was so ready to find the wildflowers. Every part of my body and soul yearned for the renewal of the earth and the delicate growth in the desert.

snow on buildings and evergreen trees
Snowbirding 101

What to take south? Packing tips for snowbirds

The trees are changing colours and the snow is starting to fly. It's time for one of the biggest snowbird challenges: packing the RV.

Snowbirding 101

Stars fell on Alabama

After travelling through Tennessee and Georgia, the next leg of our journey led us to the Gulf Coast of Alabama.