Snowbirding 101

Lynne Benjamin

Lynne Benjamin has been RVing since the early 1970s and calls herself a “most-timer” (as opposed to full-timer). Though she considers her RV her home, she does spend a couple of months a year in a condo.

Be prepared in case of a disaster.
Snowbirding 101

What you are left with when everything else is gone

After this last summer and the total disaster in Fort McMurray, I started thinking about what we would do if we met with a disaster in the motorhome.

Lynne Benjamin's motorhome at it's spot in Nanaimo, B.C.
Snowbirding 101

A Western Canadian Winter

When the Canadian dollar is low but you still want to avoid a harsh winter, a Canadian option is Vancouver Island.

A fifth wheel displayed at the Lethbridge RV show.
Snowbirding 101

Lethbridge RV Show - things that caught my eye

Find all the new trends models and trends at the Lethbridge RV show.

An elderly man sitting in a wooden beach chair talking on his cell phone.
Snowbirding 101

Finding the best cellphone plan

Keeping in touch is important for snowbirds. Here's how to choose a cellphone plan that will work for your travels.

Returning from snowbirding to snow.
Snowbirding 101

It’s still winter here

Returning from snowbirding to wintery Canada, where do you fill water? or dump waste water? or camp?

A sign giving at a Canada/USA border crossing.
Snowbirding 101

Snowbirds: be aware of new residency tracking

Snowbirds need to be aware of more stringent tracking and enforcement of rules on residency.

Trip receipts envelope.
Snowbirding 101

“Welcome home”

Things to remember before starting the long trek northward.

RV ladder
Snowbirding 101

Stowing things safely

Have you seen an RVs going down the road with its TV antennas up or an electrical cord dragging behind?

big green RV
Snowbirding 101

Keeping the rig on the road

Making sure your RV and its tires are in good repair is a necessary part of the snowbird lifestyle.

RV camping
Snowbirding 101

Cost cutting for fulltimers

How to cut expenses when you're committed to life on the road.

electric and water supply at campsite
Snowbirding 101

Advice on power sources, water hoses and more

Snowbirds weigh in on where to spend and where to save when you're a full-time RVer. 

Snowbirding 101

Good ideas from RVers

Experienced RVers share some words of advice that make life on the road easier and better.

desert at dusk
Snowbirding 101

Stay warm and safe in your RV

What are the safest, most economical options for snowbirds who feel a little chilly on those desert nights?

Waterfall in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Snowbirding 101

An autumn trip to Yellowstone National Park

Lynne and Fred explore the famous park that sits on an underground volcano.

senior couple holding hands
Snowbirding 101

What will we do all day?

Those new to snowbirding may wonder what they will do with their time. Here are some ideas.

Don't leave your medical care to chance while you're RVing.
Snowbirding 101

Do you really need travel medical insurance?

Snowbirds keep up an endless quest for the best policy at the best rate. Here's what you need to know.