Snowbirding 101

Lynne Benjamin

Lynne Benjamin has been RVing since the early 1970s and calls herself a “most-timer” (as opposed to full-timer). Though she considers her RV her home, she does spend a couple of months a year in a condo.

pool aerobics
Snowbirding 101

Keeping fit on the road and in the RV park

Snowbirds share their keep-fit tips, from line dancing to walking the dog.

Snowbirding 101

Frequently asked questions about RV insurance

An industry insider answers your questions about the best kind of insurance for you and your RV.

fireproof box, passports, cell phone
Snowbirding 101

Stay on the safe side with a good backup plan

What's your plan if your wallet or passport goes missing? Do you know how to lock your phone if it's stolen?

RVs boondocking in the desert
Snowbirding 101

Talking safety and security for RVers

Newbie snowbirds often have questions about safety in RV parks and boondocking sites. 

travel trailer
Snowbirding 101

Insuring an RV you leave parked in the States

RVers who live in Canada but lease a lot in an RV park in Washington state wonder who will insure their vehicle.

motorhome in RV park
Snowbirding 101

Full-timer challenge: living on a small pad in an RV park

There are plenty of options when it comes to where to park your RV. Choose the one that's best for you.

Mature couple with laptop
Snowbirding 101

Number one full-timer issue: living in a small space with another person

Try this fun questionnaire to determine your partner's communication style (and understand your own).

Older couple sitting on a bench in a garden
Snowbirding 101

Relationships on the road: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

RVing means hours spent in a small space with your partner. How do people cope?

Joshua tree, red rock
Snowbirding 101

Working while you play: volunteer opportunities for snowbirds

If you go through proper channels, there are opportunities for volunteering in the U.S.

snow on buildings and evergreen trees
Snowbirding 101

What to take south? Packing tips for snowbirds

The trees are changing colours and the snow is starting to fly. It's time for one of the biggest snowbird challenges: packing the RV.

Snowbirding 101

Storage solutions make life easier inside the RV

Tips for making the best use of existing cupboards and drawers and adding storage space in unexpected places in the RV.

Bounder RV with storage compartments
Snowbirding 101

Big empty spaces: Outside compartments on your motorhome

Outside compartments seem huge until you start loading them up with the necessities of life on the road. 

Snowbirding 101

RVing in remote locations has its challenges

Cell phone connections and media stations are sparse in unpopulated areas. Be prepared to be out of contact with the outside world for significant blocks of time.

Taking pets camping in an RV unit
Snowbirding 101

The trials and rewards of travelling with your pets

There are two no-excuse rules you must follow when exposing the rest of your RV neighbours to your pets.

Snowbirding 101

Feeling down in the dumps?

Expert advice on black and gray tanks and how to keep them clean.

RVs parked side by side in a resort
Snowbirding 101

Snowbirding 101: RV park etiquette

Learn some of the do's and don'ts of living in an RV park.