Snowbirding 101

Lynne Benjamin

Lynne Benjamin has been RVing since the early 1970s and calls herself a “most-timer” (as opposed to full-timer). Though she considers her RV her home, she does spend a couple of months a year in a condo.

Snowbirding 101

Dealing with uninvited guests in your RV

To mice and their cousins, your RV looks like a big, warm place to call home. How do you discourage them from moving in?

Canada/US borderline.
Snowbirding 101

It’s time for snowbirds to fly home

Just what can you bring back into Canada after staying in the United States for an extended period of time?

Solar oven cooking dinner.
Snowbirding 101

Electricity or propane: which is cheaper?

The next lesson in Snowbirding 101 has to do with frugal use of fuel.

Snowbirding 101

See the striking landmarks at Casa Grande, Arizona

Casa Grande is at the crossroads of southern Arizona.

Snowbirding 101

Show me the money

You're staying in the States for a while. How do you access the cash you need without paying too much for the privilege?

signs at a tourist centre
Snowbirding 101

A new snowbird in town

Snowbird Lynne Benjamin answers questions about how to research destinations before and during a trip.

A man stands in an outdoor market, with tables full of handmade crafts.
Snowbirding 101

The vast desert marketplace of Quartzsite

Quartzsite is famous for its huge swap meets and promotional events.

beaver shaking hands with an eagle
Snowbirding 101

The same only different

In the RVing world, is there any difference between Canadians and Americans?

people sitting on lawn chairs beside RVs
Snowbirding 101

The ins and outs of RV clubs

There are many types of clubs for RVers—here are some of the most prominent ones.

rv hooked up to solar panels
Snowbirding 101

Going solar—harnessing the power of the sun

There is a lot to be said about using solar for your alternate power source, but there are also some drawbacks.

woman holding a KOBO eReader
Snowbirding 101

The wonderful world of eReaders

RVers can benefit a lot from this fascinating piece of technology.

sign with USA and Canada with arrows pointing each way
Snowbirding 101

RVing across the border

Regulations and considerations when travelling by RV into the States.

RV going through the prairies
Snowbirding 101

Boondocking for snowbirds

There are both advantages and disadvantages to boondocking, depending what you want from your RV experience.

Two narrow rocks tower over a desert landscape
Snowbirding 101

Sleep beneath starry skies at Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Lynne Benjamin shares the highlights of Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona.

Snowbirding 101

Things you need to know about medical insurance

Lynne Benjamin discusses the importance of health care coverage when travelling to the United States and highlights things to be cognisant of.

An image of a white flower in the desert
Snowbirding 101

Stalking the elusive desert wildflowers

After four months of desert winter, I was so ready to find the wildflowers. Every part of my body and soul yearned for the renewal of the earth and the delicate growth in the desert.