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Lethbridge RV Show - things that caught my eye

There is never a shortage of new ideas in the RV world

A fifth wheel displayed at the Lethbridge RV show.
RV shows give you an peak at the new trends in the RV world. — Lynne Benjamin photo

Even if you are not thinking of getting a new RV, it is always fun to go to an RV show, just to see what is new and different. New and different was definitely there at the show in Lethbridge this year.

The winter shows here feature travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers that are outstanding for camping, especially with families.

A small tent trailer that pops up to look like a triangle.
Trailers come in all shapes and sizes at the RV show. — Lynne Benjamin photo

Now we are snowbirds who spend extended periods of time in our RV in warmer climates, so we often have a different perspective on things.

The exhibitors talked a lot about the outstanding quality of their units and noted that the manufacturers are producing more and more units with aluminium rather than fibreglass skins.

Floor plans

Either I never paid much attention before or they have changed a lot, but in many of the travel trailer units, the main sleeping area is separated from the kitchen-living area by the entertainment unit.

As well, the second entrance (near the front of the trailer) goes right into the bathroom. It makes sense if you spend a lot of time outdoors and want to clean up before you come in or the kids are out playing and need to go.

A motorhome at the Lethbridge RV show.
It's fun to go to an RV show just to see all the new models and trends in RVs. — Lynne Benjamin photo

Made for outside living

No longer are we satisfied with just an outside barbecue. Outside kitchens are now complete with sinks with running water, fridges and stoves as well as the barbecues.

An outside kitchen opened up to show a stove, fridge and plenty of storage space.
Outside kitchens are now complete with sinks with running water, fridges, stoves as well as the barbeques. — Lynne Benjamin photo

Toy haulers are big!

Don’t we all have toys?! Well, some have more than others. Whatever toys you have there is an RV for you.

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