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RVers are always looking for practical tips and hacks to make their camping experiences more enjoyable. These articles aim to cover a range of how-to's, technical information, tips for beginners, snowbird/full-time RV lifestyle advice and other subjects that RVers may find useful. If you have a question we haven't answered yet, please email us, and we will do our best to help! 

Freshly manufactured trailers await new owners.
RV tips

Why you might need an RV factory tour

Walking an RV factory floor—from rolling frame to decal installation—fully answers the question: “What’s inside?” Come with us to Outdoors RV in LaGrande, Oregon.
These safety chains need to be re-attached in a crisscross.
RV tips

Pilots use pre-flight checklists — RVers should too

Missing a key step in hooking up your RV trailer or fifth wheel can be disastrous—a checklist will help.

Herd of Pronghorn antelope.
RV tips

Pronghorn Xing: Making prairie highways safer for wildlife and RVers

RVers can help make our highways safer by using the Pronghorn Xing app. 

Bruce Hunt found a great multi-year rental on Longbow Lake near Kenora, Ontario.
RV tips

Is a permanent RV lot right for you? Breaking down the options

If you know your preferred site numbers at your favourite campgrounds but can never reserve them, you might need a permanent RV lot.  

A man and a woman setting up a golf shot.
RV tips

Drive for show and putt for dough: How to shave 15 strokes off your game

In the drive for par, remember putting counts for half of the course’s 72 par strokes.

The Pineridge Clubhouse.
RV tips

12-hole golf? Why not?

Having trouble carving out time for 18 holes? Here’s your ticket to a shorter round.

Shown is a campground in Fintry Provincial Park with a truck and fifth wheel parked.
RV tips

Reserving a campsite with BC Parks

If you want to make camping reservations with BC Parks, here are some things you need to know.

Foursomes can be fun.
RV tips

Why you should never try to teach your wife or significant other how to golf

Foursomes should be fun. A retired teaching professional’s top advice: Be careful golfing with your spouse.  


Golf and RV living are a great combination at a permanent RV lot, such as this one at Pineridge Golf Resort near Wabamun Lake, Alberta.
RV tips

Love the game? Move to the course

Whether a residential neighbourhood with a golf course or a golf resort with spaces for RV and park model homes, get closer to the game.


Pair of hands holding iphone with Venice canals in background.
RV tips

Leave the camera bag at home

Brock Kryton, a professional photographer in Alberta, gives advice on smartphone photography. 

dog wearing a life jacket
RV tips

5 Tips for travelling with pets

Many RVers like to bring their pets when they go camping. Find out how to keep your four-legged family members happy and safe on an RV excursion.

water damage in an RV
RV tips

RV maintenance tips from the pros

Tips to help you make the best choices when it comes to RV maintenance.

Be sure to store your RV in a safe, secure location.
RV tips

Storing your RV

Where to store your RV unit, and what should be done before you do.

Having the right tools is important.
RV tips

What’s in your toolbox?

Make sure you have the tools you need in case of an emergency.

Rest easy once you know your insurance is taken care of.
RV tips

Handy insurance tips for full-time RVers

What you need to know about insurance for snowbirding and other RV travel.

Shown are some of the author's essential items packed in his RV: a bucket, brush, bellows, an axe and a propane cylinder.
RV tips

Essential items to pack on your RV trip south

Everything you’ll need for a successful snowbird trip in one handy checklist.