RV Tips

Adjustable feet on the StepAbove RV stairs give it a solid base.
RV tips

Innovative StepAbove RV steps

The StepAbove stabilizes RV stairs with adjustable feet on solid ground.

Black bear on a road by a car
RV tips

Be bear aware while RVing

Tips on being bear aware while camping in a tent or RV
Harvest Hosts sites are perfect for one-night no-services stays.
RV tips

Join Harvest Hosts and you can go camping for free at one of 1,020 popular tourist sites

Looking for a fresh RV experience? Harvest Hosts members stay free at select wineries, vintners, breweries, farms, market gardens and golf courses.
Picture of red and black Honda generator.
RV tips

How to choose the perfect portable generator for camping and RVing

Portable generator selection 101: Advice for cutting the cord

Picture of trailer surrounded by fake pine trees.
RV tips

How to tackle a tradeshow to get more of what you want

Strategies to get what you need from trade shows while having some fun attending them. 

entrance to a resort with trees on either side
RV tips

Things to consider when choosing an RV resort

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing an RV resort if you want to find one that’s best for you.
RV set up with a chair in front and two horses in the nearby pasture.
RV tips

7 tips for setting up your RV for a long-term visit

How to set up your RV campsite for practicality and comfort during a long-term resort stay.
The first trip and trial run of the year was to a location less than 30 minutes from home.
RV tips

One couple’s story of the first year in their new trailer

Peter and Annie Hornett from Canmore, Alberta, have camped in a tent for decades, but this year they upgraded to a trailer.
Picture of tablet and cell phone sitting on counter.
RV tips

Travelling South? Here are the best options for cell phone coverage

Long-distance relationships can be hard. Here’s how to stay in touch with friends and family while you travel.
Border crossing between Canada and the US at Hill Island, Ontario. Photo credit: CanStock photo
RV tips

Know Before You Go: Border-crossing advice for Canadian travellers with RVs

Crossing the border south is about more than maintaining a friendly disposition and being patient, but these help in the process. 
A couple posing in front of ocean scene.
RV tips

Medical insurance advice for travelling Canadians

Canadians enjoy world class medical coverage, protect yourself with appropriate insurance when you leave the country.
A white carbon monoxide detector sitting on a ledge
RV tips

Heading out on fall adventures? Stay carbon monoxide safe

If you are heading out on any RV adventures this fall, take note of these safety tips.

by Technical Safety BC
Freshly manufactured trailers await new owners.
RV tips

Why you might need an RV factory tour

Walking an RV factory floor—from rolling frame to decal installation—fully answers the question: “What’s inside?” Come with us to Outdoors RV in LaGrande, Oregon.
These safety chains need to be re-attached in a crisscross.
RV tips

Pilots use pre-flight checklists — RVers should too

Missing a key step in hooking up your RV trailer or fifth wheel can be disastrous—a checklist will help.

Herd of Pronghorn antelope.
RV tips

Pronghorn Xing: Making prairie highways safer for wildlife and RVers

RVers can help make our highways safer by using the Pronghorn Xing app. 

Bruce Hunt found a great multi-year rental on Longbow Lake near Kenora, Ontario.
RV tips

Is a permanent RV lot right for you? Breaking down the options

If you know your preferred site numbers at your favourite campgrounds but can never reserve them, you might need a permanent RV lot.