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Travelling by RV with your family: What it is really like

Thought about taking your family on the road? Here are some things to consider.

by Lidia Staron
A family camping
Take your family on the adventure of a lifetime. — Photo courtesy GoRVing

Many families are doing it – selling their homes, quitting their regular jobs, and homeschooling their children in exchange for more adventures and a simpler life on the road. If you’re curious about what it’s like to travel by RV with your family, keep reading.

It’s not easy but it’s possible

Many people make the most of their singlehood traveling and exploring the world thinking that they can’t do it anymore once they have their own family. The truth is, traveling and raising a family are two of the best things in life that when combined – are such an amazing journey.

However, don’t think that once you hop into your RV, you will be on vacation all the time. Living in an RV doesn’t mean that all of a sudden, everything will go perfectly. There will still be a lot of screaming, yelling, and crying. But there will surely be a lot more laughing, singing, and yeah – sightseeing.

RV living does have a cost

Leaving your home means saying goodbye to the mortgage (or rent), water and electricity bills, and many other household expenses. However, RV living is not without costs. Of course, your first major investment in your RV. Thankfully, there are various options for RV financing that make purchasing the vehicle more affordable.

It’s important to make a monthly budget which should cover gas, food, entertainment, camping, parking fees, phone, insurance, etc. In some regions, there’s this “Kid Tax” wherein you pay extra for each kid that you have, ranging from $2-$5 a night.

RV living brings a family closer

You will be living inside a – well – RV. Which means space is tight, the kids will be sharing a bed, and you’ll have a small kitchen, a small dining table, and everything else small. Also, your kids will be homeschooled. You and your partner will likely be working from RV (home). That means you will be together 24/7.

RV living gives you a wonderful opportunity to witness every milestone of your children. They’re only kids once. Soon, your children will realize that they are their own person and have a life of their own. The years you will be spending with them are very short. So, make sure to fill their childhood years with wonderful memories that they will carry as they grow older.

You get to travel

The main reason some families prefer RV living is, of course, to travel with the whole family. Every day is different. Every day is an adventure. You get to see and experience new places together. More than the popular RV resorts or campgrounds, you will find joy being at random places around the country that you probably have not visited during family trips.

One week you’re living by the beach. Another week, you’re living by the mountains, in the desert, or the middle of nowhere. How cool is that? It’s all an adventure. Surely, there will be not-so-good days. There will be dull moments. But those are all part of the journey.

In summary

More than the ability to visit different places and experience new things, RV living lets you experience an amazing lifestyle that takes family bonding to the next level.

However, you should remember that RV living is not all fun and adventure. There will be lots of down times. Kids will still be kids and you will still be stressed. It’s important to plan and learn as much as you can about traveling by RV – from selecting routes to budgeting and homeschooling your kids. It’s not going to be easy. But it’s worth it.

About the author:
Lidia Staron is a passionate creative writer and marketing manager at OpenLoans.com. As a financial advisor and certified financial planner, she knows that life is full of major events and crossroads. She enjoys helping people navigate through important financial decisions while avoiding common mistakes.

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