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RVing with the kids: Family camping trips made easier

Give your kids an excellent camping experience and teach them the value of connecting with nature

kids on the beach
Beachcombing is one way to keep the kids entertained when camping by the water. — Photo courtesy Carol Ann Quibell

Camping as a family can build fond memories, but sometimes it can be a challenge keeping the younger family members engaged. There are a few ways to spark their interest and make their RV holidays something they can look forward to.

Bring the bikes

Give them a way to explore the campsite and surrounding area on their own (if they're old enough), or with you. Cycling is a low-cost way to go out as a family and get some exercise while seeing the natural surroundings.

Teach them about science in nature's classroom

Regardless of what type of ecosystem you're visiting, there will be opportunities to teach kids hands-on biology and botany skills. Invest in a bug-catching kid, magnifying glass, or even a small childrens' microscope, and open their minds to the wealth of tiny organisms and botanical wonders all around them. If you have older kids, you can bring along field guides and challenge them to identify the plants they see, or have them collect photos of as many different insect species as possible. You never know, you might have a budding botanist or entomologist in your family!

Take them geocaching

Nothing is more exciting to kids than a treasure hunt! Take your phone's GPS and lead them on a trek to find local geocaches. This not only keeps them engaged, but also teaches them valuable navigation skills.

Beach day, anyone?

You won't have a hard time convincing most youngsters to head to the beach, and there is unlimited free entertainment there. Waterfront camping is ideal, whether you intend on going out by boat, or just want a fun spot for the children to swim and make sand castles. 

Offer an astronomy lesson

Star-gazing is another free pastime that can enrich the mind. Bring an astronomy book or look up constellations on your phone so you can show your little ones how to find Orion's Belt, the Big Dipper and more.

Reel in something for dinner

Obtain the proper licensing and show your children the art of fishing. They will learn the value of patience and determination - not to mention the pride and confidence they will feel from bringing home a meal they caught themselves.

Bring familiar comforts from home

No matter how old we are, we still miss the comforts of home while we are away. Younger kids may need a favourite stuffy or blanket, while older kids might want to pack their books/electronics or other necessities to make them feel at home. Add these items to your camping checklist to ensure that everyone has a comfortable trip and there are minimal meltdowns. 




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