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Innovative StepAbove RV steps

StepAbove solves the problem of wobbly RV stairs

Adjustable feet on the StepAbove RV stairs give it a solid base.
Adjustable feet on the StepAbove RV stairs give it a solid base. — Photo courtesy MORryde Industries

If you’ve seen how the integral stairs on a commuter aircraft unfold with the door opening and set right on the ground, you’ve seen the inspiration for the MORryde’s StepAbove solid stairs now in RV dealer showrooms.

“As we were trying to engineer a solution, we thought of commuter airplanes because the door and steps are one. The door opens up and the steps go all the way down to the ground. Before taxi and take off, the stairs fold up for stowage. Let’s do the same thing with an RV stair,” said Jack Enfield, sales and marketing manager with MORryde International, located in Elkhart, Indiana. 

A solid alternative to rickety RV stairs

MORryde StepAbove is a solid stair option to replace standard fold-out stairs that mount under the frame on most RVs. The StepAbove stairs are mounted on the inside of the RV over the doorway threshold and are adjusted at the bottom so the feet rest on solid ground. The stairs retract out of the way into the doorway to a latch mount inside the door.

The StepAbove retractable step was originally conceived as a stair set for the patio of toy haulers, but since the spring of 2016 the stairs have been gaining popularity. The stairs are available widely in Canadian dealerships for aftermarket stair replacement, and more new RVs are being supplied with the stairs as original equipment. To ensure a custom fit, the company provides directions on how to correctly measure your RV (see the qualification form). 

I saw the stairs in a recent RV show and believe they will work as a great option to replace my factory-installed stairs. Three years of hoisting myself into the RV hundreds of times on unsupported stairs has stressed the rivets to the point of breaking several bolts. Broken rivets replaced with bolts is really just a temporary solution. The fact that StepAbove is supported by adjustable feet makes the step a sturdier solution.

Optional storage and handrails

MORryde has also created a powder-coated steel storage box that mounts in the space where your retractable stairs are located. The box provides one-and-a-half cubic feet of storage and is rated for 22.7 kilograms (50 pounds). This is a perfect place to store wheel blocks, cleaning supplies or muddy boots. Also, there is an optional railing that can be installed on three- and four-step stairs to help with exit and entry to your RV.

These after-market products make sense to me, and I will be replacing my RV stairs in the next few weeks. I may even add the underbelly storage box.

Man standing beside RV and showing how stairs fold up.
StepAbove mounts over the existing door threshold and lifts to lock in a latch attached inside the entrance door. — Photo courtesy MORryde Industries

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