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Check out the RVing opportunities in Quartzsite, Arizona

Renowned for its gem shows, swap meets and specialty markets, Quartzsite is a one-of-a-kind place to RV. Situated in the southwest Arizona desert, the town has a history of being a gathering place for travellers and merchants. You will see the community explode with activity during the winter months when more than one million snowbirders flock here for the chance to check out the latest vendors. Scroll down on our Quartzsite landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, campsites and more.

A gorgeous, colourful sunset is seen from Palm Creek in Arizona.

Snowbirding is all sun and fun in Arizona and Texas

You can spend the whole winter in one resort, or be adventurous and embark on inspiring day trips during your stay!

Taco Mio Mexican food at Quartzsite, Arizona.

Let someone else do the cooking in Brenda, Arizona

When visiting Brenda, Arizona, take the opportunity to try the wide variety of good food made with local ingredients.

crumbling buildings at swansea ghost town in brenda arizona

Enjoy the Arizona outback

Attractions around Brenda, Arizona, are a treat for history buffs and tourists alike.

by Karen Kornelsen
Senior couple on a hiking trail among cliffs
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Take a hike

 Ina and Allan Mellor, full-time RVers and wholehearted hikers, especially like exploring the terrain of the southwestern United States.

trees, river, blue sky

Things to do together in Quartzsite and nearby Brenda, Arizona

The small town of Brenda is just 13 miles from Quartzsite, famous as the home of the largest gathering of RVs and RVers on earth.

a bowl of soup like that served in Quartzsite and Brenda Arizona

Best restaurants in Brenda, Quartzsite and area

Take a break from the shows and other attractions, and enjoy a delicious meal.

man standing behind a counter selling crafts at the Quartzsite show

Top things to see and do in Quartzsite

A tiny community with a whole lot going on, Quartzsite is a favourite snowbirding locale.


Exercise both your body and your mind

The opportunities to explore the beautiful Arizona Outback region will give your muscles a workout and stimulate your mind as well.

by Thomas Shirtliffe

RV-friendly businesses near Quartzsite