Louise Boyer

Louise Boyer

Louise Boyer was born in Québec city. Husband Jérôme introduced her to camping early in their marriage. They started with a small French double-wall canvas tent, just the perfect size for a lover’s nest. From the 70’s through the 90’s, they travelled in their tent trailer through the Eastern United States; once they bought their travel trailer in 2007, RV living became their passion as they visited Canada, United States and Mexico. During her professional career, Louise worked as a home economist, translator and wine journalist. Now retired in British Columbia, she loves to write about their travels while her husband enhances them with his brilliant pictures.

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The temperate rain forest climate makes for a very green and wet environment.

Enjoy the Columbia River Gorge for its natural beauty and temperate rainforest

After visiting the Columbia River Gorge, you will want to come back again and again. 

October 2018 by
Zabrisky Point is the most visited viewpoint in Death Valley.

Discover the beauty of the desert in Death Valley and surroundings

Take in desert scenery and a nearby date farm while visiting the area of Death Valley National Park, straddling the California-Nevada border. 

August 2018 by
Cabin at Summerhill adds a touch of the old to the modern winery.

Kelowna wineries are a feast for the eyes and taste buds

Be seduced by the wines of Kelowna as knowledgeable hosts and award-winning winemakers pour their wines and share their stories in this special part of British Columbia.

June 2018 by
Crater lake with snowy trees and mist all around it

Snow adds a breathtaking dimension to the beauty of Crater Lake

Crater Lake in Oregon is one of the deepest and most pristine lakes in the world, filling the caldera of Mount Mazama

December 2017 by
Pictured here is a sky full of colourful hot-air balloons at the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.

Realizing your dreams is up to you—make it happen!

Realizing your most fantastic dreams is possible, but you have to start with visualization and the true belief that they will materialize.

October 2017 by
A gorgeous, colourful sunset is seen from Palm Creek in Arizona.

Snowbirding is all sun and fun in Arizona and Texas

You can spend the whole winter in one resort, or be adventurous and embark on inspiring day trips during your stay!

September 2017 by
Greater Yellowstone Region

Yellowstone still full of hidden treasures 10 years later

Featuring over 10,000 thermal features, Yellowstone National Park is a rare geological place, offering a kaleidoscope of colourful hot springs and more.

July 2017 by
Snow at The Bridge, an arch created by erosion.
Southern Utah

Bryce Canyon: An unparalleled experience for lovers of majestic vistas

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah features unique rock formations at all its roadside viewpoints, particularly breathtaking at sunrise and sunset.

April 2017 by