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RV Business Profiles

a Battle Born Battery superimposed over an image of an RV driving down the road

Lithium vs lead acid—which batteries are best for your RV?

Everything you need to know about upgrading to the latest in battery technology for your RV.
December 2022
Yoke camp kitchen set up at a campsite

This camp kitchen makes outdoor cooking easier (and more fun)

Introducing the ultimate way to store, transport, and use everything you need to cook in the great outdoors.

October 2022
The freshly moulded fibreglass Escape Trailer shell is ready for placement on a frame.

Escape Trailer Industries offers a unique trailer and customer experience

Reace and Tammy Harmatuik make great trailers at Escape Trailer Industries, say their customers.

March 2018
Close-up of the heated blanket by Life Giving Warmth

The heated blanket RVers are raving about

Level up your RV experience with the ultimate outdoor blanket made by Life Giving Warmth

May 2022
A man and a child sitting together beside a camp stove an RV and a solar panel

Flex Solar brings alternative energy to RVers

Get the most out of your RV amenities with portable solar power.

May 2022
A colourful pink sky is shown, with a dock and boat slips in front.

Pine Lake: Action packed or leisurely relaxing

For an exciting or relaxing holiday in central Alberta, stay at the Pine Lake Leisure resort.

April 2017
Man and woman looking at a road map

FAQs about duty-free shopping for RVers crossing the U.S.–Canada border

Save money and time—choose Duty Free Canada stores for your cross-border shopping.

April 2022
RV by a lake

Ask a safety officer: How to avoid RV safety hazards

Learn how to avoid a propane incident so you can enjoy your summer.

July 2022
A birds eye view of Carefree RV

VR: the new way to shop for an RV

Thanks to advancements in virtual reality, you can see what RVs look like without actually setting foot inside one at Carefree RV in Edmonton, Alberta

December 2016
heated flooring being unrolled

Heated RV flooring gives you the comfort of home while you’re on the road

Warm up to an off-the-grid lifestyle, with these heated floors by STEP HEAT.
May 2022
ferry passing by coastal Alaska communities

Tour the Alaska Marine Highway System for the RV trip of a lifetime

Tour the Alaska Marine Highway System for the RV trip of a lifetime
March 2022
The exterior of the inner cabin of the Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite from RV Care Network Inc.

RV Care introduces the new Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite

The Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite is the perfect choice for families of any size, including their furrier members with four legs.

January 2019
metal sculptures

RV Sojourners

Exploring the California desert

Borrego Springs and the surrounding area are made for recreational pursuits.

A photo the broomy broom and dushtpan at full-size.

RV Gear Guide

Another one bites the dust

The full-size broom and dustpan folds down to a single compact unit, and can easily be stored almost anywhere.