Baja California RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Baja California

Baja California is a warm location—both in climate, and in hospitality. The people are fun-loving, with an interesting culture to share. The environment is balmy and pleasant, and many snowbirders have made this part of Mexico their first choice for a relaxing winter escape.

Two tacos are on display on a table
Baja California

The best local flavours in Baja California

Enrique Chavelas, CEO of Juan More Taco Tours in Baja California, Mexico, knows the best places to eat south of the border

Dan Goy takes to the surf with his boogie board at Todos Santos.
Baja California Sur

Beautiful Baja beckons

Here are a few favourite vacation destinations on the Baja Peninsula, and ideas for what you can do when you get there.

Picture of parade float with dancers on it.
Baja California

Experience Baja

Baja California has so many events to beckon snowbirds to this great destination.
by Dan and Lisa Goy
Welcome to the Hotel California!
Baja California

Experience Baja

Have an experience you will remember for years to come.

by Dan and Lisa Goy
Mexican sunset
Baja California

Music, food and festivals south of the border

Music, Mexican dishes and vibrant festivities are perks for those visiting Baja California.

Baja California has some of the best beaches in Mexico.
Baja California

RV Trip planner: RVing on the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico

The perfect Mexico vacation: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping on the Baja California Peninsula.

A vast expanse of white sand beach, with a turquoise-coloured ocean in the background and blue sky.
Cabo San Lucas

A family camping trip sparks a love for Mexico and the Baja Peninsula

"The Mexican camping experience is more than just tropical sun and fun," said Lisa Goy, co-owner of Baja Amigos, an RV tour company. 

Rolling hills with rows and rows of grapevines of Valle de Guadalupe
Cabo San Lucas

Top five things to do or see in Baja California

In the Baja you can enjoy a diversity of activities—whale watching, visiting historic Spanish missions, exploring cave paintings, relaxing on pristine beaches as well as tasting the flavours of the area.

by Jennifer Kramer
A small motor boat with 10 people on board.  Two people are leaning over to touch a whale that is alongside of the boat.
Baja California Sur

Wilderness, culture and outdoor adventure come together on the Baja peninsula

Swim with the gentle giants of the sea, or take in history at Jesuit missions or on mule-back cave painting tours in magical Baja California Sur, Mexico.

RV News

A 42-day RV caravan experience through Baja California

There's safety (and fun) in numbers for RVers from Canada and the U.S. who band together for caravan travel throughout Mexico's Baja peninsula. 

by Brian Fearon
Sea and sky make a beautiful backdrop for quad riders on the beach
Baja California Sur

Baja’s best

Repeat trips down the Baja peninsula have left Mike and Donna Mitchell with fond memories and a list of must-see places.

Senior couple stand outside their RV.
RV News

The best of both worlds

A permanent home in Nanaimo, B.C., and periodic contract work around the province keep this RVing couple grounded. North America is Mike and Donna Mitchell's playground.

people gathered at a Cabo San Lucas RV park
Cabo San Lucas

Top things to see and do in Cabo San Lucas

An RV-friendly destination, Cabo San Lucas can make your Mexico vacation unforgettable.

RVs parked next to palm trees
Cabo San Lucas

A preferred choice for snowbirders

This balmy location puts a smile on the faces of all who visit.
by Dan Goy
historical church building
El Triunfo

A taste of Mexico’s history

Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours has added El Triunfo to their tour, and the reviews have been great—it has become a must-stop!
by Dan and Lisa Goy

RV-friendly businesses near Baja California