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Check out the RVing opportunities in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

No matter what your recreational preference, Tumbler Ridge is a wonderful place to visit in your RV. See incredible waterfalls or hike the trails during the summer, snowmobile in the winter and enjoy the pleasant community all year round. Scroll down on our Tumbler Ridge landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV dealers, campsites and more.

Kinuseo Falls is the main highlight of a trip to Tumbler Ridge
Tumbler Ridge

Dinosaurs chasing waterfalls—yep, you’re in Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge: come for the waterfalls, stay for the theropods 

Flatbed falls.
Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge is the waterfall capital of the north

Tumbler Ridge is the waterfall capital of the north, offering photography lovers countless opportunities to obtain scenic shots from several angles.

Tumbler Ridge

Waterfalls and dinosaurs in Tumbler Ridge

See a waterfall higher than Niagara Falls, then check out the Dinosaur Discovery Museum.

Tumbler Ridge

Head to Tumbler Ridge if you’re hungry for classic rock

The August long weekend brings thousands of people to Grizfest, Tumbler Ridge’s claim to musical fame.

Illuminated Dinosaur track site.
Tumbler Ridge

Prehistoric footprints

The Dinosaur Discovery Gallery is an exciting place to learn more about prehistoric creatures.

people standing beside a waterfall
Tumbler Ridge

Top things to see and do in Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge is a year-round recreational dream, but those interested in the history of humans or a monumental dinosaur discovery will be thrilled as well.

Tumbler Ridge

Doctor turned author tells the story of Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge may be British Columbia's youngest community, but the small town set in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains has a rich history, from early 20th-century explorations to the time of prehistoric dinosaurs.

Tumbler Ridge

A startling discovery

Tumbler Ridge celebrates its dino roots with walking tours along dinosaur trackways and a discovery centre dedicated to housing fossils from the region.
by Kali Love

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