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Check out the RVing opportunities in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

A popular travel destination in Alberta, the Crowsnest Pass has plenty of recreational activities available and lends itself to RV camping. Scroll down on our Crowsnest Pass landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV dealers, campsites and more.

The Crowsnest River is one of Alberta’s premier rivers.
Crowsnest Pass

Fly-fishing and exploring the Crowsnest Pass

Experience a world-class fishing experience in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass on your own or with an experienced guide.

Hikers touring the Frank Slide site with a guide
Crowsnest Pass

Guests are mesmerized by Frank Slide

This Crowsnest Pass attraction is the site of a famous natural disaster.

Logan Shellborn takes a better look at the 30 million cubic meters of limestone that crashed from the summit of Turtle Mountain on April 29, 1903.
Crowsnest Pass

Celebrate Alberta’s culture in the Crowsnest Pass

The Crowsnest Pass has a lot going on this year, including free admission to Frank Slide Interpretive Centre during Alberta Culture Days.

A pair of merganser ducks rest on the bank of a river in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.
Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, bursts with wildlife

The Crowsnest Pass in southwestern Alberta carries a notorious history, scenic views and exceptional birdwatching experiences.

kids at Frank Slide ALberta
Crowsnest Pass

Frank Slide continues to draw a crowd

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre has all the information you need to know about Canada's deadliest rockslide.

View of Turtle Mountain in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
Crowsnest Pass

Blairmore offers more than a history lesson

There’s more to Blairmore, Alberta, than a rich mining history. From trails, lakes and forest to the annual Doors Open and Heritage Festival, this small town serves up arts, culture and an abundance of natural beauty for the tourist to explore.


by Trina Ayling
Crouching girl reaching up to two black horses in harness, tended by a man in denim and a cowboy hat
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The rich history of southern Alberta

The museums and parks of southern Alberta preserve the stories of the people and other creatures that populated its mountains and windswept plains.

Mountain landslide
Crowsnest Pass

The rich heritage of Blairmore

There is so much to do in historical Blairmore and the surrounding towns that make up the culturally rich municipality of Crownest Pass. 

by Lisa Crane
Frank slide in Crowsnest Pass Alberta
Crowsnest Pass

Frank Slide story fascinates

One fateful night, over 82 million metric tonnes of rock crashed down.

Crowsnest Pass

In the footsteps of coal miners

Before gasoline and diesel became common fuels for transportation, coal was the king.

Frank Slide debris on a mountainside
Crowsnest Pass

Learning from the past

April 29th, 1903, was a fateful date for the people of Frank—a small coal-mining town that is now an intriguing part of Crowsnest Pass history.

mountain on a sunny day in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
Crowsnest Pass

Top things to see and do in the Crowsnest Pass

There is unlimited appeal in exploring this tourist-friendly part of Alberta.

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