Whitehorse Region RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Whitehorse Region

With a rich First Nations culture and mining heritage, the Whitehorse Region is an ideal place to stop as you head north in your RV. Check out famous attractions like Five Finger Rapids, or the Tage Cho Hudan Interpretive Centre.


10 must-see stops while travelling the Alaska Highway

While the Alaska Highway is a joy to travel start to finish, there are several stops that make the journey extra special.

A woman dressed in a long red skirt and white blouse and hat stands in front of the MacBride Museum of Yukon History, ready to welcome visitors.

Top four historical towns to schedule into your Yukon Territory road trip

This looped road trip will take you through four historical towns of the Yukon Territory. 

An antique car is shown at the Fort Nelson Historical Museum
Dawson Creek

Top 10 reasons to drive the Alaska Highway this summer during its 75th anniversary

10 exciting things to see and do when embarking on your summer adventure on the Alaska Highway

2014 Alaska Caravan map
Dawson Creek

2014 Alaska Caravan

The great thing about a caravan is having guides who know the area and can showcase the best there is to see in each community: entertainment, attractions, campgrounds and restaurants.

by Duane Pilson
Little boy holding a jaw bone that he helped dig.

Adventures abound in Whitehorse

Nature lovers and history buffs can explore the region by bike, foot, or aboard a stationary steamship in beautiful Whitehorse, Yukon.

stained glass houses hanging from tree branches

Yukon’s beauty inspires the artists of Whitehorse

Galleries and festivals are overflowing with the abundance of art in this northern city.

An RV driving windy highway.
RV News

Living the northern dream

Sue and Steve Thomas have been RVing in Yukon and Alaska for the past 20 years. So enamoured of the north were these two that they decided to make it their permanent home. 


Everything under the sun

The heart of Whitehorse extends far beyond the city limits, and can appeal to the taste of any RVer.

Dawson Creek

Snowbirds go north

Last summer, longtime snowbirds Cal Wilson and Lynn Dent-Wilson travelled through northern B.C. to Yukon and Alaska to visit old stomping grounds and soak up some history.

by Lisa Crane
people getting into a boat

A recreational playground

With a landscape comprised solely of mountains, rivers and lakes, Whitehorse is prime territory for outdoor activities.

Suspension bridge over Yukon River

Top things to see and do in Whitehorse

This vast, mostly untamed land provides unparalleled adventure, and it all starts in Whitehorse.

by Tanya Laing Gahr
Gord and Gwen dancing

The blue, bluegrass of home

Gwen and Gord Moffatt are dedicated RVers who have put on fewer than 10,000 kilometres on their motorhome. Of course, they live amongst some of the most rugged beauty in Canada and are able to travel only a short distance for their bluegrass fix, so you have to ask, where else would you go?
by Tanya Laing Gahr

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