Snowbirding for RVers

Snowbirding for RVers: Tips and advice

Handy tricks and pointers to make your next snowbirding holiday go smoothly

RV in the California desert
Snowbirding is an adventurous way to escape the cold northern winters. — Photo courtesy Mitch Barrie/Flickr Creative Commons

Some people enjoy icy temperatures, but snowbirds long to escape the cold Canadian winters. Each year, they pack up their RVs and travel to a warmer climate for fall and winter. The most popular areas for snowbirds to gather are the balmier parts of the U.S.A., such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Florida. However, some also travel farther south to explore Mexico.

If you plan to try snowbirding, or you already embrace this adventurous lifestyle, you could likely use a few pointers. Our writers have contributed a number of tips and tricks, to help make your next winter excursion go well. Check out these informative articles:

Returning from snowbirding to find snow

Sometimes the weather doesn't co-operate, and snowbirds return to find that winter is not yet over at their home base. This story outlines some of the measures you can take to winterize your RV (and how to decide whether it's necessary), and also how to prepare for chilly weather on the return trip. One handy tip is to bring antifreeze along with you, since it may not be available in warmer locations that don't experience cold winters.

Snowbirding is all sun and fun in Arizona and Texas

In this article, a snowbird shares her experience RVing in Arizona and Texas. She discusses her favourite attractions, and gives tips on things to see and do while you are touring these snowbird-friendly states.

RV park etiquette

In Lynne Benjamin's column, Snowbirding 101, she addresses the concept of RV park etiquette. Snowbirds often spend a great deal of time at their southern RV sites, so it's nice to have a friendly relationship with neighbours. It's important to respect park rules, clean up after yourself/your pets, and keep the noise level down, but there are other ways to show courtesy as well. Read the full article to learn more.

A checklist for going south

If you're the type of person who likes to keep organized lists, this article is for you. This is a comprehensive checklist of things that are commonly overlooked or forgotten by people heading south. Make sure to bookmark or print it out so that you can have it handy for your next trip. 

Somebody has to do it

This humourous article delves into the competitive world of laundromat usage. Being a snowbird means sharing facilities like this, so it's good to have some inside information to help you keep up with the "pros."

Feeling down in the dumps? Holding tank basics

Learn how to prevent issues with your holding tank, and maintain the tanks/valves so you never have to deal with the dreaded water and sewer problems that have been known to occur.

Top snowbird destinations

This article lists some of the most popular communities among snowbirds, organized by country and state. It also lists some of the top factors that RVers consider when choosing their ideal snowbird destination.  

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