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Buying an RV on reality TV

The GAC reality show Going RV follows buyers to a Las Vegas dealership.

Johnnie Walker RV Salesperson Shawna Fitch  with customers Cesareo and Janette Razo.
Johnnie Walker RV sales rep Shawna Fitch with customers Cesareo and Janette Razo. — Photo courtesy of Johnnie Walker RV

Imagine searching for an RV with all of North America watching you. It’s hard enough trying to figure out what you need or want in an RV without a few million people watching and putting in their two bits worth.

That’s what a number of people have done on the new Great American Country (GAC) reality show Going RV while in search of their dream vehicle. Each episode targets people with different needs, whether it’s a growing family wanting more space, a couple wishing to hit the road for early retirement, buyers wanting to upgrade from a tent trailer to a travel trailer, or a couple hoping to purchase the perfect RV for weekend excursions.

The reality show’s recent Weekend Warriors episode was filmed at Johnnie Walker RV Sales in Las Vegas, Nevada, with salesperson Shawna Fitch helping customers Cesareo and Janette Razo, long time campers with a desire to upgrade into a beautiful fifth wheel. 

When asked how they got involved in reality TV, the marketing director for Johnnie Walker RV, Michael Walker, said, “It was actually a phone call into the dealership by a casting company at the beginning of the year asking us if we were interested in being in the show.”

The dealership has previously been featured on the shows Tanked and Barter Kings in 2013 and were excited to be part of the Going RV show.

Mark Vanhoose, an RV salesperson, said it was an interesting experience, although he wasn’t actually on the show.

“They didn’t pick me for the show, in spite of the fact that I was the actual salesperson who sold the Razos their RV,” Vanhoose said while laughing. “I really didn’t care if I was on TV and Shawna did a good job.”

Vanhoose said he tried to provide some input into which RVs would be the best for filming. After 20-plus years of selling RVs and meeting thousands of people, Vanhoose said the Razos stood out as really nice and genuinely good people and were long time customers, which is why he recommended them for the show. 

Walker said that the Razos absolutely loved the experience of being on the show and they come by the dealership often to say hi.

“Having the filming done on our lot is exciting and a great benefit to our company," said Vanhoose. "And it's fun for all of us to watch while they’re filming,” said Vanhoose.

Walker agreed with him.

“We had fun participating in the show and enjoy sharing it with our customer base," he said. "It’s been a positive experience for all of us, and we definitely would be interested if we’re approached again in the future.”

And yes, the Razos found a fifth wheel they are very happy with.

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