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Anna and Wilmar Froehlick talk about what it takes to be volunteer campground hosts.

Anna & Wilmar Froehlick, from Kamloops, BC Camp Hosting at Logan Lake.
Anna and Wilmar Froehlick, from Kamloops, B.C., working as camp hosts at Logan Lake. — Carol Ann Quibell photo

While walking through the Logan Lake Campground I had the pleasure of meeting camp hosts Anna and Wilmar Froehlick, from Kamloops, and learned how they came to be in Logan Lake.

How did you become the camp hosts in Logan Lake?

Anna: We camped here during the fall of 2013 for a few weeks and were bothered because there wasn’t a camp host on site. We feel so much better if there’s a camp host where we stay. We don’t necessarily use the camp host; it’s just nice to know someone is there. We mentioned our concerns to the campground manager, and after talking with her we were asked if we might be interested. We said yes, went through the application process, were accepted, and the rest is history.

What are your duties?

Anna: It’s straight volunteer so we come and go as we please. We provide information as needed and help the campers find a spot when the staff isn't on site. Since most of the campers are seniors or families enjoying the fishing, golfing at the nearby golf course or other outdoor recreation, the summer has been relaxing.”

Our busy time was in the spring and now in the fall. Since the staff left at the beginning of September we do collect the payment, but it’s all on a volunteer basis.

How many days a week do you work?

Wilmar: We don’t have set days. We’re volunteers only and don’t receive wages for being here. The campground staff is on duty from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and they take care of all the cleaning, maintenance and fee collection. After the staff leave we help people who come late in the day find a parking spot and basically help them out.

We go home every two or three weeks to do laundry and we did go to Seattle for a week, but we have mainly been here since the spring.

What are the benefits of camp hosting?

Wilmar: We receive a fully serviced campsite and have met some really nice people. We don’t receive any wages.

What type of questions do you get asked?

Wilmar: Although we don’t have an intimate knowledge of the area, we do know where the good fishing lakes are. And since we live in nearby Kamloops, we’re able to answer most questions.

Have you encountered any problems as Camp Hosts? 

Anna: We’re really lucky here, it’s not a party campground. With mostly seniors and families, it’s been stress free. The only frustrating thing to us is the few campers who come into the campground late at night and leave early in the morning without paying.

Will you do this again?

Anna: We had never done this before, although we had talked about it the same as a lot of people, and so decided to try it. We’ve really enjoyed it and are coming back next year. Our travelling days are probably over for the most part, except maybe through B.C., and this is so close to home and it works well.

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