Vernon RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Vernon, British Columbia

RVing in Vernon, British Columbia, is a worthwhile venture. With the array of fun things to see and do with your family, not to mention various campsites, attractions and resorts, Vernon is a must-see. Scroll down on our Vernon landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV dealers, campsites and more.

Lucy and the Lucky Four perform at Lorenzo’s Cafe north of Vernon in Enderby, B.C.

Vernon, B.C., is the place to be to see three venues deemed worthy

Hum the sounds of summer from a downtown Vernon park, record store and Greek cafe in the woods

Voyageur paddlers on the Shuswap.

A sense of place: paddling the Shuswap for chinook salmon

Slow down, way down—dip your paddle in the Shuswap river and experience the chinook salmon run from a Voyageur Canoe point of view. 

Photo of a beautiful historic house with a large white front porch, awnings and gable windows.

History and mystery at the Caetani Cultural Centre in Vernon

An Italian woman who was once virtually a prisoner in her own home leaves behind a gift for Vernon's artists.

clay bowls

A tasty event that raises money for Vernon artists

What better way to support the arts than with a big handmade bowl full of Irish stew on St. Patrick's day?

aerial photograph of Vernon, BC

Top things to see and do in Vernon

This Okanagan tourist destination has all the attractions you could wish for.

Three girls dressed in period costume at Historic O'Keefe Ranch

Engaging with B.C. history

Historic O’Keefe ranch boasts a vibrant legacy.

RV-friendly businesses near Vernon