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Check out the RVing opportunities in Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Located alongside the lake of the same name, the town of Sylvan Lake offers a ton of potential for campers. This tourist-friendly community is popular for good reason—not the least of which, is the large selection of outdoor activities and water sports that can be enjoyed here. The campgrounds are beautifully framed by the local scenery, and there are a number of attractions you can visit as well. Scroll down on our Sylvan Lake landing page for extensive information on tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV dealers, campsites and more.

Pretty and serene, Sylvan Lake has its share of enticing attractions.
Sylvan Lake

Top things to see and do in Sylvan Lake

RVers flock to Sylvan Lake for entertainment and recreation.

Innisfail Growers' booth at a farmers market.
View of waterslide a distance overlooking the lake.
Sylvan Lake

Where the lake is right downtown

Sylvan Lake is the perfect destination for family gatherings and this year, as the town celebrates its 100th anniversary, there is even more going on.

by Stephanie Warner
people playing jazz instruments in Sylvan Lake, Alberta's Jazz at the Lake festival
Sylvan Lake

Top things to see and do in Sylvan Lake

RVers have been spreading the word: Sylvan Lake is gaining popularity among campers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Main street
Sylvan Lake

A lakefront hub

Sylvan Lake is a town for all seasons, with winter and summer activities, events and attractions. The popular lakefront is the central hub of the town.

by Lisa Crane

RV-friendly businesses near Sylvan Lake