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Tales of travel: Revealing our top RV stories of 2023

Take a peek at RVwest's most popular stories from 2023

by Danielle Brost
People at the back of their campervan, looking jubilant
— Photo courtesy Wandering Soles

As we wave goodbye to another year of travel and camaraderie, RVwest invites you to relive the most interesting tales that crossed our path in 2023. From enviable destinations to heartwarming encounters, we continue to celebrate the spirit of community that defines the RV world, so get ready to be inspired—it's time to roll back the curtain on the most memorable RV journeys of the year.

- Photo courtesy One Chick Travel

1. Top 10 RV influencers to keep an eye on in 2023

From digital nomads to part-time travellers, social media influencers in the RV realm are making waves. These trendsetters stay ahead of the curve, being the initial source for updates on new products or events. They also provide practical insights and advice across all aspects of mobile living.

- Photo courtesy Meghan and Matt

2. Bonding through travel: Secrets to sharing a small space

Bonding over travel can really bring people together, as long as boundaries are respected.

Read about RVing couple Meghan and Matt, and learn all their secrets to enjoying the full-time RV lifestyle as a couple.

- Reg DeYoung photo

3. Spring prep tips for your RV

RV tech Reg DeYoung put together a handy checklist to help you make sure your RV unit is prepared for the upcoming camping season. 

Our readers valued the pointers he offered, which included a rundown on how to do an exterior inspection of your unit.

- Photo courtesy Safari Condo

4. Canadian compact RV manufacturers to keep your eye on

The RV industry is currently introducing numerous intriguing compact RV units, placing a strong emphasis on quality. This heightened quality is likely a response to the growing demand for minimalist living. 

This article simplifies the research process by listing the top Canadian-made compact RVs that you should keep on your radar.

- Photo courtesy Larry Erlendson

5. The marvels of RVing in northern British Columbia

Northern British Columbia holds an enchanting allure, renowned as a dream destination for many RVers. Whether you're marveling at towering mountains and glaciers, or capturing Instagram-worthy shots, this region simply crafts joyful memories. Explore some of the top destinations in Northern B.C. ideal for RV enthusiasts.

- Michelle Carr Johnston photo

6. Top Canadian RV manufacturers: Who is building the RVs you love?

Selecting the appropriate RV holds significant weight. Factors such as space requirements, budget constraints, and other essential considerations must be pondered before reaching a decision. In Canada, a plethora of RV manufacturers produce units in various shapes and sizes, catering to the diverse needs of every camper. Explore some of the country's most renowned RV manufacturers in this article.

- Photo courtesy the Newmar Corporation

7. Celebrating US RV manufacturers

Just as our Canadian manufacturers article proved to be popular, our US version was similarly well-read.

This story takes a closer look at some of the top RV manufacturers in the US, who are setting the standards for design, functionality, and adventure.

- Photo courtesy Carol Ann Quibell

8. Unraveling the RVer’s code: Do you speak the language of the open road?

Are terms like black water, surge protectors, and holding tanks unfamiliar to you? For many, discussing these topics can feel like speaking a foreign language. If you're new to RVing or have future plans to hit the road, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with the relevant terms.

- Photo courtesy Jerry Clark

9. Forging nostalgia: The art of crafting a teardrop RV masterpiece from scratch

Read about Jerry Clark, a master craftsman and artist who built a teardrop RV completely from scratch.
Clark provided an array of photos and detailed information about every step of the process, so DIY RV enthusiasts can truly appreciate what went into this genius creation.

- Photo courtesy Mike and Gisele Godwin

10. Vintage RV enthusiasts take on a major challenge

In the RV community, enthusiasts like Mike Godwin and his partner, Gisele, specialize in restoring vintage campers.

Read about their passion for giving new life to classic units, and find out more about their successful restorations thus far.

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