RV Tips and Tricks

Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James, squirreled away in her stationary 31-foot Crossroads fifth wheel, writes freelance columns for a B.C. community newspaper and stories for RVwest.

A number of loonies sitting on top of an American dollar bill.
RV Tips and Tricks

Could the dipping dollar and warming temperatures bring snowbirds to B.C.?

With the dipping dollar, many Canadians are considering snowbirding in their own backyard.  Where could they go and how can they stay warm when the temperature dips?

A first aid kit that is open to show its contents.
RV Tips and Tricks

Being safer than sorry takes just a few minutes

In or out of your RV, on the highway or backpacking off in the boonies, having a well-stocked first aid kit handy should be top of your “must-do” list for your travels.

Numerous health insurance policies laying on a table.
RV Tips and Tricks

Bon voyage—but be prepared

In Canada or south of the border, up-to-date health information and insurance can be an RVer’s smartest travelling companion.

A happy senior couple standing with their clubs on a golf green.
RV Tips and Tricks

Healthy lifestyles for RVers

Exploring local attractions and using the amenities offered by RV parks can help you make it to the recommended 10,000 steps a day for optimum health.

RV trailer
RV Tips and Tricks

Insurance must be a priority for full-time RVers

Content and liability insurance is a must for all homeowners, including those who live in an RV.

Water heater opened up.
RV Tips and Tricks

Water heater stopped heating? Best solution may be to laugh and wait

When your RV water heater suddenly turns up its toes, it pays to take a deep breath and to wait a while before deciding on its replacement.

Roof on original RV waiting for re-roofing
RV Tips and Tricks

A new RV, a $12,000 bill, or a DIY roof repair?

The success of a re-roofing project depends on the quality of the materials used and your willingness to invest enough time in preparation.

A finger pointing out dry rot caused by leak around furnace vent.
RV Tips and Tricks

Dealing with RV moisture the full-time way

Water damage is one of the most common issues for RVers. Here's how to prevent—and fix—the problem.

RV Tips and Tricks

RV park etiquette

Remember the basics: Use your campsite and the park's common areas responsibly, respect your neighbours.