Northwestern Ontario RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Northwestern Ontario

This part of Ontario is a must-see for RVers, no matter what your leisure preferences. You can stay in one of the charming communities and enjoy modern conveniences, or take a walk on the wild side and camp in a secluded wilderness area. There are strong aboriginal roots here, as demonstrated by the local arts and culture scene—and you can even see well-preserved pictographs from long ago.

Senior couple stand outside their RV.
RV News

The best of both worlds

A permanent home in Nanaimo, B.C., and periodic contract work around the province keep this RVing couple grounded. North America is Mike and Donna Mitchell's playground.

statue of a fish

Kenora caught the big one

Husky the Muskie symbolizes a vital resource in this tourist-friendly community.

RV parked in a campsite with sunset in background

Top things to see and do in Kenora

This lakefront town will be a favourite stop on your itinerary.

view of a land formation over water
Thunder Bay

Top things to see and do in Thunder Bay

Five attractions in Thunder Bay that you won't want to miss.

rock formation and water around it
Thunder Bay

Discover the Sleeping Giant

From Thunder Bay's shores, at the head of Lake Superior, a geological marvel can be seen.

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