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Why you should never try to teach your wife or significant other how to golf

This retired teaching professional advises never try to teach your spouse or significant other how to golf

Foursomes can be fun.
Foursomes can be fun. — Photo courtesy olimpik/Can Stock

“Never try to teach your wife or significant other golf,” said Rob Tourond, a retired teaching professional who tried to teach me how to golf, now living in St. Albert, Alberta.

When I asked Tourond how to have more fun on the course as a foursome, he said, “In order to have a more enjoyable time golfing with your wife, have her take lessons from someone other than yourself. Even us teaching professionals have instruction provided by someone else to our spouses.

“One of the most common things you hear people say on the course is ‘bend your knees and keep your head down.’ Those two things you do not do on the golf course,” said Tourond.

He said men in particular get into trouble when they start telling their wives what to do on the course.

After a bit of discussion, he conceded that one could successfully golf with a spouse. “You’ll have to keep quiet.” Tourond said. “Even pros do not instruct spouses. We teach based on a student’s learning style. When you are with someone you care about, you tend to forget this and force the issue.”

Tourond explains why keeping your head down and your knees bent is a bad idea: “The reason is that the body wants to go to the most neutral position. If you put your head down, your spine angle will not be maintained throughout the swing. Your shoulder will hit the chin and cause your head to come up. Your knees will want to stand up and move to the most neutral position. You will top the ball. What you want to do is be as long as possible, chin up, unlock your knees for balance but not bend them, lean forward, and maintain the spine angle throughout the swing.

“The most important part of your swing is your start and finish position. What happens in-between is pretty much irrelevant as long as your spine is straight throughout your swing,” Tourond said.

Ignore Tourond’s advice at your peril—keeping your advice to yourself makes for a happier round.
Ignore Tourond’s advice at your peril—keeping your advice to yourself makes for a happier round. — Photo courtesy boggy/Can Stock

If you want to take the game of golf seriously, then take an affordable group lesson or join your local PGA course.

Tourond parts with this advice for anyone starting the game.

  1. Ground your club.
  2. Stomp your feet.
  3. Reach for the sky (backswing) and get to the finish position.

“Move to the finish position, weight forward with back foot off the ground resting on the toe or you end up with a slice, like your dad,” said Tourond.

Slices are the most common error golfers make because they fail to get to the finish position.

“Professional golfers’ start and finish positions are all the same,” Tourond said. “The only variance is the swing because of body type––no two golfers have the same body shape.”

Nearly 10 years ago, Tourond instructed me and my wife, Kathy, in a series of lessons. Our individual games improved. That was the year I broke 100, once. I followed his advice, and I stopped giving advice. My wife and I enjoyed rounds we had together more than ever before. (And we are still married.)

Relax, it’s a game. Just keep your advice to yourself and all four of you will have more fun.

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