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Check out the RVing opportunities in El Centro, California

Snowbirds will appreciate a trip to El Centro, California. There are scenic RV campgrounds, festive events, and other tourist attractions to keep you engaged and having a blast.

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5 California destinations that RVers are talking about

Include these snowbird-friendly communities in your California travel plans.

Some of the 18,000 Snow Geese taking flight at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.
El Centro

A birder’s paradise in the desert

The Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge is one of the top bird watching spots in North America.

Downtown El Centro.
El Centro

El Centro, California, offers amazing fun in the dunes

The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is the most prominent feature of Imperial County's off-highway recreational region.

by Karen Kornelsen
Rio Bend RV & Golf Resort in El Centro, California.
El Centro

El Centro celebrates American history and Mexican culture

The largest city in California's Imperial Valley embraces the culture of its large Mexican population.

Marching girl group carrying letter-boards spelling
El Centro

Amenities and attractions of El Centro

El Centro, California, situated at the heart of a desert playground, is strongly influenced by its proximity to Mexico and hosts festivals all year round.

El Centro

El Centro author examines border in Crossings

Many visitors to El Centro in southern California come for the mild winter weather and also the chance to explore another culture in Mexico, just across the border.

by Gerald Vander Pyl
woman holding a head of lettuce
El Centro

Explore the outdoors where the sun spends the winter

Known as the place where the sun spends the winter, El Centro is also the place where you will find plenty of activities to keep you in shape.

El Centro

Flapjacks and snowbirds

In the middle of January you will find a large gathering of snowbirds in El Centro, California. These human birds flock together to gather and gabble over a free pancake breakfast.

by Dan Williams
El Centro

Vegetable roots stretch deep

It's easy to celebrate agriculture in the Imperial County, either by attending a veggie-themed event or simply by indulging in the locally-grown produce.

by Glynis Fediuk
Float in the carrot festival parade
El Centro

The sun-drenched south

Imperial County is rich in natural and man-made beauty, local culture and things to see and do.
by Kali Love
person riding a horse in the Carrot Festival Parade
El Centro

Top things to see and do in El Centro

Discover the colourful culture, intriguing attractions and fun events of El Centro.

El Centro

The special in the quesadilla

This culinary wonder has been a staple for decades in the region.
by Trevor Crawley
Fountain of Youth entrance
El Centro

Stay and be rejuvenated

People come from all over the world to experience the Fountain of Youth Spa—a sprawling luxury resort.
by Anthony F. and Marguerite Breda
Indio outdoor resort's community
El Centro

Creating community

For full-time or snowbirding RVers, home is where the mail goes. But even nomads create communities.
by Tanya Laing Gahr
Rio Bend
El Centro


How do you review an RV resort that has won three awards by RV rating agencies? We did, and found many reasons why Rio Bend RV and Golf Resort is rated so highly.
by Anthony F. and Marguerite Breda

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