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Camping in Aztec is a snowbirder's dream come true - there are all kinds of things to see and do here.

Aztec, New Mexico

Trip planner: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping in Aztec, NM

Information on camping in Aztec, NM, including tourist attractions, visitor information, sani-dumps, RV campgrounds and more.
Aztec is beautiful and invites history buffs to explore

Top things to see and do in Aztec, New Mexico

RVing in Aztec this year? Here are some must-see attractions.

Aztec ruins

Experience the Unesco World Heritage Aztec Ruins

Aztec has a fascinating attraction that you will want to explore immediately.

Rubia's owner Randy Hodge and Kim, his wife of 22 years and inspiration for all three of his restaurants' names

Rubia’s — A classic Mexican eatery with its own microbrewery

RVwest talks with Rubia’s Fine Mexican Dining owner Randy Hodge about his food, brews and long-time love who inspired the restaurant’s name. 

by Louis Bockner

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